Trump in Poland

Trump in Poland

General Ben Hodges: We are ready

The President of Russia knows well that NATO's strength lies in unity. Our accumulated potential is much greater than that of our possible adversary, but we need to train, exercise and improve cooperation, claimed General Ben Hodges. The commander of U.S. ground troops in Europe talked with Jacek Stawiski during the Global Forum 2017.

Ian Brzezinski: the Warsaw speech is an important step in the evolution of Trump's policy

The words spoken by Donald Trump – who reaffirmed NATO's commitment to collective defense in accordance with the treaty signed by the United States and its allies – mean that any doubts about this commitment can be put aside, Ian Brzezinski, consultant of the Atlantic Council think-tank and chairman of the Brzezinski Group think-tank, told TVN24 BiS during the Global Forum.

Stephen J. Hadley and General Ben Hodges at the Global Forum

Stephen J. Hadley served as assistant to the president for national security affairs from 2005 to 2009. He was the principal White House foreign policy advisor to the president, directed the National Security Council staff, and ran the interagency national security policy development and execution process. General Ben Hodges is Commanding General of US Army Europe.

Soloch: Trump's visit has met our expectations

"President Trump's visit has met our expectations. The U.S. have confirmed the alliance with Poland, and for the first time we got a confirmation of keeping guarantees included in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty", said Paweł Soloch, The Head of the National Security Bureau, this Friday.

"We are permanently appealing to Russia to abide by the law"

“For me, as a NATO official, the words spoken by President Donald Trump concerning Russia confirm our shared assessment,” said Robert Pszczel of the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO Headquarters, when asked to comment on the speech delivered by the US president on Krasinski Square. “We are permanently making a simple appeal to Russia: abide by the law, do not meddle in the internal affairs, for instance, of Ukraine, and behave differently,” he added. Pszczel spoke with Robert Stanilewicz at the Global Forum 2017.

Giuliani: Trump addressed all  the topics he wanted to address

What surprised and delighted me in the Donald Trump's speech is that he declared himself on the side of Western civilization in such strong terms, something we very much need, said Rudy Giuliani in his comments on the U.S. President's Warsaw speech. According to the former Mayor of New York, Trump addressed “all the topics he wanted to address.”

"President Trump has made a big effort to understand Europe"

“We have taken a huge step in the direction of accord between the United States and Europe,” Konrad Szymański, Poland’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, said to TVN24 BiS’s Jacek Stawiski at the Global Forum 2017. Szymański was commenting on President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland.

"Trump could be Putin’s nightmare"

“It’s probably the most beautiful speech delivered by a president of the United States on Polish soil,” Adam Bielan, deputy speaker of the Senate, said on TVN24 BiS "Fakty z Zagranicy."

Tusk: the success of Trump’s visit is indisputable

"The US president’s words about Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which concerns collective defense, were important... it is clear progress compared to his previous declarations", President of the European Council Donald Tusk said on Thursday, commenting upon Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw.

Szczerski: Trump’s visit has shown Poland’s strength

The US President Trump’s visit to Warsaw has shown Poland’s strength as a country that is able to effectively achieve its diplomatic goal on a global scale – the chief of the President’s cabinet, Krzysztof Szczerski, told Polish Press Agency on Thursday.

Prime Minister: Poland is an important country to be reckoned with

"The speech of United States President Donald Trump demonstrates that Poland is an important country to be reckoned with", Prime Minister Beata Szydło assessed. She emphasized that the US is our significant partner and the talks held by President Trump in Warsaw show that Poland is an important partner for America.

Trump: the USA stands "shoulder to shoulder" with the Three Seas Initiative countries

“Our cooperation is meant to give Europe three impulses: modernizing, integrating and uniting,” President Andrzej Duda said at the inauguration of the II Summit of the Three Seas Initiative. He emphasized that thanks to the Three Seas Initiative, the European Union will become increasingly stronger. US president Donald Trump, special guest of Thursday’s summit, assured that the United States stands “should to shoulder” with the Three Seas Initiative countries.

President Donald Trump's speech to Poles in Krasiński Square

At 1 p.m. President Trump delivered a long-awaited speech to Poles in Krasiński Square in Warsaw. It was the most anticipated moment of President Trump’s visit to Poland. The Krasiński Square has been selected by the American side, the organizer of the speech. ““Poland prevailed. Poland will always prevail,” said President Trump.

President Trump has left Poland

Air Force One with President Donald Trump on board took off from the Warsaw Chopin Airport at 14:40 hours on Thursday. Thus, the US President began his trip to Hamburg, where he will participate in a G20 summit.