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The last possible date that Poland could hold a presidential election on is June 28, the leader of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party said on Wednesday, amid deepening conflict surrounding the timing of the vote. The date of Poland's presidential election, originally scheduled for May 10, remains uncertain, with PiS accusing the opposition-controlled Senate of delaying tactics designed to help their main candidate's chances.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced the details of the next stage of loosening coronavirus restrictions in Poland. The changes are to include lifting of the duty to wear protective masks in public places, as well as of limited number of customers in shops and restaurants.

"I will do my best to make sure the Supreme Court remains the backbone of judicial independence and freedom of courts," the newly appointed Chief Justice of Poland's top court Małgorzata Manowska said on Tuesday. Critics underscore that President Andrzej Duda has decided not to appoint a candidate who has received twice as many votes from his peers as Manowska has. The president also nominated judge Michał Laskowski to head the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Polish Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski denied on Monday any wrongdoing as he reacted to accusations of inadequate supervision over procurement of equipment to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. The allegations against Szumowski, a popular politician in the nationalist government, have hit the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party before a presidential election expected at the end of June or early July, according to political scientists.

Lab test have confirmed 245 further coronavirus infections in Poland, including 189 in the southern province of Silesia. Another 3 deaths have also been confirmed by Poland's Health Ministry on Thursday (May 21). In total, 19,983 coronavirus infection cases have been confirmed in Poland so far, with 965 deaths. The global number of infection has passed 5 million cases.

"I won't take part in the presidential election," Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska announced on Friday. The candidate backed by Civic Coalition, once tipped as the main rival of incumbent Andrzej Duda, has seen a significant drop of support in recent polls and thus decided to quit the presidential race. Civic Platform leadership is likely to announce the name of a new candidate soon.

"Fakty" TVN have learned that at 10am on Friday, the Civic Platform party is to announce a decision regarding its presidential candidate. Earlier on Thursday, senator Bogdan Zdrojewski admitted the situation regarding the election and the candidate wasn't easy. PO politicians unofficially speculate on potential replacements for Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska. Asked if she wanted to keep running for presidency, the current candidate herself said: "We will be discussing this. It's crucial for us to stand together".

Poland's Constitutional Tribunal (TK) president rejected remarks by her German counterpart as "scandalous" after he was quoted in a newspaper questioning whether the court was truly independent of the Polish government. The spat is the latest escalation in a row kicked off by the German Constitutional Court's judgement last week that it could in some circumstances override rulings of the European Union's top court in Luxembourg.

The environment minister said at the weekend that the Polish government was working on introducing regulations that would oblige non-governmental organisations to reveal all foreign funding sources. Critics of the cabinet led by the nationalist Law and Justice party raised concerns saying the move may in fact be aimed to discredit and censure the NGOs that disapprove the government's agenda.

The latest legislation proposed by the ruling coalition led by Law and Justice (PiS) on Monday (May 11) assumes the presidential election to be conducted both traditionally, at polling stations, and through postal ballot for those who prefer this method. The coalition hopes the so-called "hybrid voting" will be backed by the opposition.