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President Duda asks OSCE to intervene over Poles in Belarus

"We will not leave our compatriots in Belarus behind, we will intervene on their behalf" - Poland's President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday. His spokesman said earlier that day the president had asked OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid to look into the arrests of Polish activists in Belarus as soon as possible.

Poland likely to extend sanctions on Belarus after arrests of Polish activists

The chief of Poland's prime minister's office on Thursday said a judge from Belarus, who had ordered the arrest of Polish diaspora association chief Andżelika Borys, would be indefinitely banned from entering Poland. Michał Dworczyk earlier that day told TVN24 about "persecution of the Polish minority" carried out by Belarusian media. "This is a deliberate attempt by Belarusian authorities to create tensions between Poles and Belarusians" - he said about the arrest of Polish activist Andrzej Poczobut. Polish authorities did not exclude extending of sanctions already imposed on Belarus.

"Third wave is pushing". New set of nationwide restrictions announced

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, together with Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, on Thursday announced more restrictions to curb the surging number of infections as hospitals lack enough beds and ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. "Poland today is in the most difficult moment of the pandemic in 13 months" - the prime minister said.

He ordered to kill the Ulma family. Pilecki Institute reveals archives of Eilert Dieken

"Today, we present our own finding, never-before seen memorabilia of Eilert Dieken. The very one who decided the death of the Ulma family" - the head of the Pilecki Institute Wojciech Kozłowski said. On Wednesday, the institute presented the archive of Eilert Dieken - a German military police lieutenant who had been in charge of a unit responsible for killing the Ulma family and eight Jews they had been sheltering.

Coronavirus in Poland's football national team

Polish football association confirmed on Wednesday that one of the players selected for the upcoming World Cup qualifying games has contracted coronavirus. Leeds United midfielder Mateusz Klich won't be able to help his team, but he feels fine and does not show any symptoms.

Counting bisons. There are nearly 50 more than in 2019

Precisely 2,316. This is the official population of bisons living in Poland as of the end of 2020. The data shows there's more free-living specimens, and less live in farms. Interesting fact is the leader of the "classification", the Białowieża Forest, has only 8 bisons more than, second on the list, mountain region of Bieszczady.

Prosecutors ask for help in solving case of missing Ukrainian citizen

If he is still alive, Andriy Chemeris is 38 years old. He hasn't seen his family for a few years now, while investigators from Legnica (southwestern Poland) suspect that his body was found in a pond last year. The prosecutors ask anyone who may recognise the man in the photo to come forward. The Ukrainian citizen has left two children in his homeland, his wife died in a gas explosion.

Chief COVID advisor: total lockdown possible if the situation gets worse

"The next two weeks will be crucial" - deputy health minister Waldemar Kraska told public broadcaster Polskie Radio on Tuesday. Asked if the government was considering imposing a total lockdown, he said he was "slightly" more optimistic than Prof. Andrzej Horban. The latter, who is PM's chief COVID advisor, said on Monday that such scenario could unfold.

Poland sends medics and shares supplies to vaccinate NATO HQ

"Poland is a strong Ally who has provided support to many other Allies and partners in our joint fight against the pandemic" - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Twitter after Poland decided to send 20 medics and share its own supply of AstraZeneca vaccine to inoculate staff at the NATO headquarters. "We've always been a loyal and reliable NATO ally" - PM Mateusz Morawiecki said on Facebook.

PM: More people in Poland willing to take AstraZeneca shot

Poland is seeing an increase in people willing to take AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, the prime minister said on Monday, after reports that as many as 70% in some places had been unwilling to get the shot due to safety concerns. His aide Michał Dworczyk reassured later that day the vaccine was safe to use, and that the first stage of the vaccination programme should be complete in the second quarter of 2021.

New photo and information about Maria Barr

It only took a few days to identify a woman wearing a military uniform in a vintage photo published Poland's Institute of National Remembrance. On Saturday, the IPN posted another photograph of Maria Barr.

Nationwide restrictions imposed starting Saturday, March 20

Limited services in shopping hall, closed hotels, swimming pools, theatres and cinemas - all this and many more other restrictions will be in place from Saturday on across Poland. The official ordinance was published on Friday in the Journal of Laws.

"He's resting after a wild journey". Runaway cat found 300 kilometres from home

Now, he's is resting after a wild journey, but only a few days ago, he lived in a shelter. Lovely white cat from the photo had left his home and ended up 300 kilometres away in the city of Poznań. It remains a mystery how he had managed to travel that far. His despaired owners were on the brink of losing hope to see their pet ever again. They were lucky as the cat was only moments from being adopted.

Warsaw mayor proposes naming southern bridge after a queen

Anna Jagiellonka Bridge - soon this could be the new name of the recently opened southern bridge in Warsaw. Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has put forward the proposal, but the city councillors have said the decision would be made at a later stage. They have decided, however, about naming boardwalks and alleys in central Warsaw after famous Polish women.

Poles seek leisure in countries that are still open despite COVID risks

In a world put to a hold due to the pandemic there are still places open for tourists. More and more Poles choose to travel to those countries and ignore the fact adhering to coronavirus restrictions there are rather low. The most glaring example is Tanzania, along with its tropical island of Zanzibar. Since April, 2020, the country has not been reporting about the infection rates, and its president John Magufuli likened COVID-19 to flu and reassured the disease could be tackled by prayer. John Magufuli died on Tuesday, March 16. Officially - due to heart complications. Many speculate, however, that coronavirus might have been the real cause of death.