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Franciszkańska 3 (English Version)

What you have discovered is crucial, because it shows what many people have assumed for years: that John Paul II had known this problem existed, even before he became the pope. But no one could prove it. And you've just done it - this is how Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer, author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, comments on the findings of Marcin Gutowski's journalistic investigation. For two and a half years, the reporter was looking for an answer to the question of what John Paul II knew about pedophilia scandals in the Church. He talked to the victims of pedophile priests who were under cardinal Karol Wojtyła’s (future Pope) authority, their relatives, witnesses and those who are said to inform the cardinal about the crimes personally. He also discovered official Church documents showing how Wojtyła reacted to the allegations of sexual abuse cases among priests under his authority.

Długość: 92 min
Data premiery: 2023