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The python at large near the Vistula river in Warsaw's suburbs continues to allude those searching for it. The operation to find and capture the snake is getting more complex and more services are involved in scouring the land and water. They plan to set up game cams in the areas where they think the giant python may be. At night, they searched the islands and banks of the river but, so far, without success. Police are warning the public to be vigilant and cautious.

"I demand from the prosecution to release all the documents regarding my case; there's absolutely nothing in those documents; I've become a victim of political manouvering," said Civic Platform's MP Stanisław Gawłowski on Thursday, right after being released on bail. He stressed that he feels innocent.

There's new tracks but the snake that left them still has not been found. And it's not just an ordinary snake - it's an Indian python. They are huge and they are potentially deadly-dangerous for humans. A search is taking place near the Vistula river in the Konstancin-Jeziorna region that's close to Warsaw. The operation began after a large snakeskin was found in that area.

Was the Polish national emblem disrespected in Częstochowa over the weekend? That's what a prosecutor will try to find out, after the eagle from the Polish national emblem was imprinted on a rainbow background during an LGBT event. This investigation comes at the request of the Polish Minister of the Interior, Joachim Brudziński.

Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke with his American counterpart Donald Trump at a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday, informed Chief of the President's Chancellery Krzysztof Szczerski. The head of states discussed strenghtening Polish-American military cooperation in the scope of equipment as well as cooperation between army units, added presidential aide Mr Szczerski.

The police are demanding higher salaries and a better pension plan. For now, they're not giving tickets for petty offences. Instead, they're giving out warnings and telling the Polish people about their situation. They claim, it's extremely difficult. The pay is low, the future bleak and there's less and less people willing to join the force. Something has to change, they say, or else they will have to take other measures.

Tuesday marked the 77th anniversary of Jedwabne pogrom in which the Jewish community of the town had been murdered by their Polish neighbours. According to the Polish Institute of National Remebrance's findings, the 1941 massacre was carried out by Poles but instigated by the Germans. The anniversary ceremony took place in front of the Jedwabne pogrom memorial. There have been prayers in the name of the victims and wreaths have been laid.

Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki also said Poland "opts for a friendly relationship" with Britain after Brexit, adding that a "disorderly break-up" would be harmful for both the EU and Britain. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said "even after Great Britain leaves we want to have a close relationship". British PM Theresa May said "we'll be talking positively about how we can continue to work together in our special relationship for wider good."