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TVN24 News in English

LGBT March for Equality will take place. Court overrides Lublin mayor's decision

The LGBT March for Equality in Lublin will take place after all. Initially the local mayor did not allow the event to be held due to security concerns. However, the local court has now decided the freedom to assembly is one of the crucial elements of a democratic society and that it is the role of the police to provide security at and around the event. The mayor says he will respect the verdict, but many conservative politicians, even in the Polish national government, are unhappy of the "blatant affirmation of homosexuality".

Mastermind of "robbery of the century" handed over to Polish police

Polish media dubbed it "the robbery of the century". A former police officer and deputy director of a security company stole 8 million zlotys from his own firm's convoy, in cooperation with the driver and guard. For months he alluded police and was finally caught in Odessa. Grzegorz Ł., who is believed to have been the mastermind of the operation was handed over to the police on Wednesday.

Questions about the tape scandal are hounding PM Morawiecki

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is touring Poland ahead of local elections, but he's also being asked increasingly more often about the words he uttered on the recordings from the so-called tape scandal. On the newest tapes that were legally recorded at a Warsaw restaurant, when Morawiecki was president of a bank, he referred to people as stupid and said that they worked "for a bowl rice". People want explanations and the response of the police is to write them up.

President's aide: high court has no authority over president's prerogative

Nothing can stop the President of Poland, not even the Supreme Administrative Court. A member of the President's Chancellery claims that the court has no authority over the prerogative of the Polish President. This is regarding an injunction to stop the president from appointing judges to the Supreme Court, until questions on the legality of such a move are determined. However, according to Andrzej Duda's staff, Polish President is not party to the case and can appoint judges. The European Commission is also seeking an injunction on the application of recent legislation, which many judicial experts claim as being unconstitutional.

U.S. President proclaims October 11, 2018, as General Pulaski Memorial Day

U.S. President Donald Trump has proclaimed October 11, 2018, as General Pulaski Memorial Day and encouraged "all Americans to commemorate on this occasion those who have contributed to the furthering of our (American) Nation". Trump also mentioned the "special bond that the American and Polish people cherish to this day".

Polish christmas charity founder Jerzy Owsiak scoops European Citizens' Prize

The famous Polish charity organiser, Jerzy Owsiak and the Polish Jews Forum are among the recipients of this year's European Citizens Prize. It was launched by the European Parliament in 2008 to recognize exceptional achievements by Europeans. Mr Owsiak is the creator of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the largest charity in Poland.

First conviction in Hitler's birthday anniversary celebration by far-right organisation

The first verdict has been reached for one of the people who took part in celebrating the anniversary of Hitler's birthday. It was organised last by the far-right "Pride and Modernity" association in the forest in Wodzisław Śląski. One of the men has been found guilty of propagating fascism and illegal possession of a firearm. He will have to pay a 13,000 zloty fine. Investigators are dealing with the remaining six suspects that were also charged. This case originated as a result of an investigative report in the "Superwizjer" programme in TVN24.

Sexual predator from Northern Poland found guilty of rape

The man known as a "sexual predator from Wejherowo" has been found guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl. The notorious 40-year-old, who's nicknamed "Krystek" is accused of dozens of sexual offenses. Among those, he allegedly tormented a girl who later committed suicide. He is yet to answer for that, but claims that, in all of this, he's the victim.

Mayoral candidate Patryk Jaki says if top rival wins Warsaw won't receive funding

Political blackmail, threats and lies. That's what one of the front-runners for the post of Mayor of Warsaw is being accused of. United Right's candidate, Patryk Jaki together with a candidate for his Deputy Mayor, Piotr Guział suggested that if Civic Platform's Rafał Trzaskowski wins, Warsaw will be cut off from the national budget for funding the subway, bridges and ring roads. Trzaskowski who has a slight advantage in the polls says: "that infrastructure isn't for me, it's for the people of Warsaw".

Poland's powerhouse striker Robert Lewandowski not on the Ballon d'Or shortlist

He is unquestionably the number one athlete in Poland. In fact, he is one the elite players in the world. This time, however, Robert Lewandowski is out of luck. He didn't make it to the final 30 and will not be taken into consideration for the prestigious Golden Ball award. Most likely, it's due to the horrible performance of Polish national team during the recent World Cup.

European courts continue to voice concerns over independence of Polish judiciary

Poland may face huge problems regarding legal cooperation with other EU member-states. The reason? The recent changes to the Polish judiciary. Many international organisations and institutions claim that the Polish government, through such reforms has damaged judicial indpendence. As a result, an increasing number of foreign courts are asking tough questions and that might paralise the extradition process of many dangerous criminals.

Law and Justice claims Mayor of Łódź won't be allowed to work once re-elected

"Even if she wins the elections she may not be permitted by law to take office." Those are some very controversial words from a high-ranking member of the Polish government. According to the influential Law and Justice polticians, should the Mayor of Łódź be re-elected, she could not serve because she's recently been found guilty of making untrue statements in official documents. The thing is she represents opposition and according to her camp, the government is simply trying to manipulate and intimidate voters.