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Court orders conservative magazine to withdraw issue with anti-gay stickers

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Gazeta Polska weekly, Polish conservative magazine, has to withdraw the "LGBT-free zone" stickers from circulation - said the District Court in Warsaw. The injunctive order is connected to the lawsuit filed in the court, regarding infringement of personal interests.


The request to issue the injunctive order was filed by Bartosz Staszewski from the Equality March Association from Lublin. He published the court's decision on Twitter.

A conservative magazine in Poland distributed "LGBT-free zone" stickers with its weekly edition on Wednesday (July 24), amid a mounting backlash against gay rights in central Europe's largest nation ahead of a parliamentary election this year.

Gazeta Polska's editor-in-chief, Tomasz Sakiewicz, said the campaign wasn't directed against any individual but against those who try to censor views that are critical of "LGBT ideology".

"We wanted to prove that censorship in this case exists and we have proved it," Sakiewicz told Reuters, referring to criticism of the stickers. "What is happening is the best evidence that LGBT is a totalitarian ideology."

The nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) government, which has faced accusations of fomenting anti-gay sentiment in recent months, said Gazeta Polska should be free to publish under Poland's freedom of expression laws.

The campaign includes stickers with a black "x" through a rainbow flag and was announced last week by Gazeta Polska.

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