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TVN24 News in English

Members of parliament of the IX term on Thursday received their election certificates. The chairman of the National Electoral Commission (PKW), Wiesław Kozielewicz, underscored that due to the record-high turnout, the MPs have the strongest mandate in the history of the III Republic of Poland. He also wished them to carry out their duties with dignity and dilligence.

The National Electoral Commission issued a negative opinion on Thursday regarding one of the election protests submitted by the ruling Law and Justice party. "We have found the accusations included in the protest insufficient to repeat the vote in this constituency," the PKW chief Wiesław Kozielewicz informed. The opinion pertains to Senate election in constituency number 75.

"We, the People" - is how Lech Wałęsa began his address to the U.S. Congress in 1989. On November 15 it will be 30 years since that historic event. The speech made by the former leader of Solidarity was the inspiration for Jacek Stawiski and Ewa Ewart to make the documentary entitled "My, Naród" or "We, the People". Today, it's creators spoke to Warsaw high school students about why that event was so important.

Two young police officers from Poznań have entered a courtroom to check the ID of the judge. The officers were called by a man who earlier on had heard a verdict regarding the alimony he will have to pay, the amount of which he found unsatisfying - portal has found out. "We will apologise to the judge. Such situation should have never happened," said the spokesman for Greater Poland Police, Deputy Inspector Andrzej Borowiak.

On Friday, the movie "Mr. Jones" is coming out in cinemas after just premiering. Earlier it won the Grand Prix Golden Lions at the Gdynia Film Festival. "Mr. Jones" is based on the true story of journalist Gareth Jones who wrote in the 1930's and uncovered the truth about the Soviet famine of 1932 to 1933.

According to draft bill, small business owners won't be granted permanent reduction in social insurance contributions, but only a temporary relief for no longer than 3 years. Berlin authorities will be attempting to freeze rental prices in reaction to the dissatisfaction of the city's residents, 85 percent of which rent flats.

Update on the President of the Supreme Audit Office Marian Banaś. The opposition is pointing out that after one month after "Superwizjer" report was aired, state institutions have still not clarified the accusations levied by the investigative journalists. Mr Banaś heads the most important supervisory institution in Poland.

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński will be beatified on June 7, 2020 at the Piłsudski Square in Warsaw. The ceremony will be conducted by a Vatican envoy, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu - the Archbishop of Warsaw Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz informed on Monday.