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TVN24 News in English

Poles can now enjoy themselves again in restaurants, bars and cafes, as further coronavirus restrictions have been eased. The new set of rules allows up to 50 guests on special events like weddings, excluding fully vaccinated people. Also swimming pools, gyms and solariums have now been opened.

"What happened was wrong and I'm furious" - deputy chief of Civic Coalition Marcin Kierwiński said on Friday in his comment on Thursday's vote lost by the opposition in the Senate. Although he admitted that the mistake made by his fellow lawmakers had been "involuntary", he said they would have to face consequences.

"I've confirmed the will of the Polish government to share vaccines and deliver them to Georgia" - Poland's President Andrzej Duda said after meeting with his Georgian counterpart Salome Zurabishvili in Tbilisi. He also expressed support for Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Geogia. "We are very proud to have such big support in Poland" - Zurabishvili said.

Civic Coalition, Polish People's Party and the Left announced on Thursday they would back Professor Marcin Wiącek as new Commissioner for Human Rights. Earlier that day, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki said the ruling PiS party would put forward independent senator Lidia Staroń as candidate for ombudsman.

The final stage of a contest for the best name for a little Bongo antelope from Warsaw Zoo was very tough. The battle between the two best proposals lasted until the last second, but the lovely ungulate has been named. The best name received 55 percent of votes.

The National Council of the Judiciary has backed judge Maciej Nawacki as candidate to the Supreme Administrative Court, which means a huge promotion for the current president of the Regional Court in Olsztyn. The final decision, however, is in the hands of Poland's President Andrzej Duda.

The Supreme Court has revoked a ruling made by a panel which included a judge sent on secondment by the minister of justice. According to the Supreme Court, the said secondment was faulty. "We can already see that it will put the parties at risk of repeated trial" - a judge from Iustitia association Bartłomiej Starosta told TVN24.

A group of Manchester United fans visiting Gdańsk for the Europa League final were attacked on a restaurant terrace late on Tuesday, Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper reported, citing local police. Among the attacked fans were three citizens of Malta. Gdańsk Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz condemned the incident, while the police said that arrests were imminent.

Poland and the Czech Republic are finalising an agreement that should end a legal dispute over the environmental impact of a Polish open pit coal mine close to the border between the two countries, a Polish government spokesman said on Tuesday (May 25).

"Methods used by the Belarusian regime could be compared to Stalinist repressions. The only difference is that Lukashenko is not yet shooting people in the back of their heads" - the head of the Belarusian House foundation Aleś Zarembiuk said on Tuesday at a press conference in Polish Sejm. His compatriot Stepan Putilo, co-founder of Nexta channel, said the Belarusian regime "is very scared of any manifestation of freedom".

A historic railway bridge spanning over Pilchowice Lake has found itself at the centre of a legal dispute involving famous Hollywood figures. At first, the bridge was supposed to be blown up in a movie scene, but in the end it was listed as a heritage site and consequently saved. Now, the producer who found this location for the film is suing the film studio, the director and Tom Cruise for 6 million zlotys.