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"We're looking at sending tanks to Poland to try to help them as they send in some of their T-72 to to Ukraine," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference held on Friday together with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

"The analysis of the collected documentation allowed to assess said actions by Card. Stanisław Dziwisz as correct, and therefore, the Holy See decided not to proceed further," the Apostolic Nunciature in Poland said in a statement on Friday. Dziwisz, who was a long-time secretary of Pope John Paul II, had been accused of covering up clerical sex abuse.

The massive cancellation procedure (of flights) has not been launched by Eurocontrol, Poland's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in a statement on Friday. "The flight operations from Polish regional airports and over Poland should be performed without violent disturbances. More irregularities are to be expected at the airports in Warsaw and Modlin," the CAA added.

The Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski plans to visit the United States. He said on Thursday that during his trip he would discuss financial support for Ukraine with American partners, trying to convince them to send the money directly to Polish local government. "If we are not going to discuss this issue in Washington, New York and Brussels, then this money can only go to the central government," he said.

The 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla informed on Thursday that a WWII era torpedo had been successfully neutralised. The unexploded ordnance had been found close the beach in Gdynia. The Polish Navy assured that the environmental impact of the detonation had been minimised.

Polish and Swedish Prime Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Magdalena Andersson are organising a Donors' Conference in Warsaw, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister said in a statement at an official website. The conference aims to provide humanitarian support for Ukraine and is to be held in Warsaw on 5th May.

A clay pot filled with medieval coins has been discovered near Wałbrzych, south-west Poland. The finder claims that the discovery was actually made by her dog Kajtuś. Archeologists say that no such big and valuable treasure has been found in Poland in over a century.

During an Easter Monday holy mass at a church in Warsaw's Bielański Forest, the faithful sang out a Ukrainian folklore hymn. The joint singing of "Red Viburnum" was initiated by Father Wojciech Drozdowicz, who is known for his unconventional evangelical methods and original lifestyle. The unusual gesture of solidarity with the fighting Ukrainians quickly went viral in the social media.

An opposition activist in communist Poland and a Fighting Solidarity member, Jarosław Hyk, has passed away at the age of 60. In August, 1982, he was deliberately hit and driven over by a militia truck. "Wrocław will always remember its legends," Mayor of Wrocław Jacek Sutryk said on Twitter.

Five people died and seven are missing after two methane explosions in Pniówek coal mine in southern Poland, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press briefing in front of the mine. He added that a rescuer was among the victims, and that 20 people were taken to a hospital with burn injuries.

"Member states are bound by contractual obligations, but the Commission understands the difficult position Poland is in," European Commission spokesperson Stefan De Keersmaecker said at a press briefing on Tuesday. This was his response to a comment made earlier that day by Poland's Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, who said that Poland would neither pay for, nor receive further deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines.

Commemorations of the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began on Tuesday with the sound of alarm sirens to honour the fallen heroes and victims of the insurrection. During the official ceremony, wreaths were laid at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes and the Chief Rabbi of Poland recited a prayer for the departed.