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"Let me be clear: LGBTQ+ rights are human rights — and 'LGBT-free zones' have no place in the European Union or anywhere in the world" - Joe Biden wrote on Twitter on Monday. This way, the former U.S. vice president and current presidential candidate reiterated the words of the EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

Kinga Duda has been appointed as social advisor to the President of Poland - according to the President's Chancellery official website. Her father, president Andrzej Duda, has reassured on Twitter that his daughter has not been receiving any remuneration for this job.

The European Union's chief executive said on Wednesday there was no place in the bloc for so-called "LGBT-free zones", a pointed criticism of Poland's nationalist government pushing to curb the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The ministry of health on Tuesday informed about 605 new coronavirus infections and the death of 24 people. Such high number of deaths has not been reported since June 18, when 30 deaths were recorded. Since the start of the pandemic a total of 75,134 infections and 2,227 have been reported in Poland.

The European Parliament on Monday debated the current state of the rule of law and LGBT rights in Poland. Vice President of the European Commission Vera Jourova announced the EU executive would soon decide on how to push forward the EU law infringement procedure against Poland. She also stressed that the EU won't tolerate discrimination of LGBTI people.

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday that he would put forward a "Marshall Plan for Belarus" at the next session of the Council of the European Union. The proposal would come in consultation with and on behalf of the Visegrad Group.

Life in all its fullness makes us live with others and for the others, it can be achieved through marriage and family life - the Archbishop of Kraków Marek Jędraszewski said in his address to families at the Sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. We live and die not for ourselves, despite various ideologies that are being spread nowadays, starting with the ideology of singles which dictates we should live as lonely islands - he stressed. The archbishop added that human beings "don't live and die for themselves", also in contrast to "gender and LGBT ideologies".