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TVN24 News in English

Sixteen people have been taken to hospital after being poisoned by designer drugs in Trzebiatów in the northwest Poland. The police have announced that a 18-year-old man accused of selling the dangerous substances will spent the next three months in jail pending trial.

Instead of the runway, he had to take the highway. A pilot who was experiencing engine difficulties had to make an emergency landing on the A4 highway. Thankfully, no one was injured.

It's almost like recycling a present. Used like new and handed over by a minister. Police in Sejny received the keys and had a special ceremony at which the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Jarosław Zieliński dedicated a new police car. The only problem was that they were already using the car for the second month.

"Poland for Poles" is a classic slogan that has rasist and nationalistic connotations. Unknown perpetrator has painted these words on the office of two Civic Platform representatives, Cezary Tomczyk and Artur Dunin. The damage is estimated at about 2.000 zloty. The problem, however, is much more serious. Lately, attacks on the offices of MPs are on more frequent.

Beata Szydło and Elżbieta Rafalska are safe. The Sejm has rejected the vote of no confidence put forward by the opposition. It charged the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs, Beata Szydło with failing to meet with the disabled protesters in the Sejm over their 40 day protest. The opposition also wants to know what the former prime minister has been doing in her new role, and what are the results of her six months on the job.

A new fee will be added to the price of fuel. It is going to be more expensive at gas stations by 10 groszy per liter. Although the government defends the law on biofuels, by assuring that prices will not go up, the opposition claims that the new emissions fee is nothing but a new tax.

The Senate passed an amendment to the Act on Performing the Duties of Representative and Senator, which would cut salaries of MPs by 20 percent. The wages of representatives and senators will be equal to 80 percent of undesecretary of state's salary. Fifty eight Senators voted in favour of the amendment, one was against and two abstained. According to the legislation's authors, the change in the MPs salaries is a result of "public expectation regarding the earnings of MPs" and "it will have a positive social and economic impact"

The Supreme Court has postponed issuing of the ruling in a high-profile case of printing shop owner who refused to print out posters for LGBT foundation. The court has found Adam J. guilty, but abstained from setting a punishment. The sentence reversal in favour of the printer was submitted by the Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro.

"Funds to cover the unlimited rehabilitation for people with severe disabilities have been secured", said the Health Minister, Łukasz Szumowski. According to the bill passed in response to the protest of the disabled in the Sejm, the access to the rehabilitation should be available from July on.

Another day, another protest. This time it's against the new Constitution for Education. Dozens of students and educators at the University of Warsaw are criticising the bill introducted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. They want democracy and autonomy, and they fear the influence of outsiders and political agenda. The ruling party says there are at least 100 changes to be made to the bill.

Nearly two dozen people have gotten Salmonella poisoning after eating cake at Green Cafe Nero and all have been taken to hospital. For now, the chain is blaming it's suppliers. Sanitary inspectors however, have a different opinion. Here's why you too should watch out what you eat when the summer weather hits.

The central airport is a central issue in the campaign before local elections in Warsaw. The candidate for Law and Justice, Patryk Jaki wants to build a new airport that would be called the Central Transport Hub and located 47 kilometers outside Warsaw. His opponent, Rafał Trzaskowski from Civic Platform is against this idea and wants to develop the operating Chopin airport.

Synthetic drugs continue to poison. Thirteen people were taken to hospital, some of them are in critical condition and even worse that some of them are minors. One man has been detained for selling the dangerous concoction. He could face eight years in jail. Here's more about why Poland is losing the fight against synthetics.

The ruling party is trying to pacify criticism from the European Commission regarding the rule of law in Poland. On Tuesday, they published the three rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal. However, it's been over 800 days since those rulings have been made, and there is a catch. The rulings were published with a disclaimer saying that the rulings had been passed with violation of the law. Members of Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) said "the 5th of June is a day of victory for all the Democrats".