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Journalist and a Union of Poles in Belarus activist Andrzej Poczobut said in a letter he wrote in prison he was waiting for a court ruling and expecting to be sent to a penal colony. The letter was published on Monday by Viasna Human Rights Centre, on Telegram Messenger banned by Belarusian regime ran by president Alexander Lukashenko.

The oldest Polish woman - Wanda Szajowska - died at home in Kraków on Friday at the age of 111, her friend Maciej Krzyżanowski told Polish Press Agency (PAP). Szajowska was probably the oldest female pianist in the world.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for six months now. "As a society, we've got exhausted by helping, but it's no surprise as we've been helping in an extreme situation for half a year and helping in a very intensive way," spokesperson for Polish Humanitarian Action Helena Krajewska told TVN24 on Thursday (August 25). "There's still plenty of tasks to complete," she stressed, adding that winter would be the biggest upcoming problem.

Activists from an informal group named Dziki Ruch Oporu (Wild Resistance Movement - edit.) were blocking logging of trees in Borecka Forest, when a group of 20 masked men appeared at the site. Footage from the incident shows some of the masked persons trying to pull one activist down from a tree. A few moments later they gave up and ran away. "The area has been marked with an entry ban. Remaining there and setting up tents is illegal," Poland's State Forests said.

Polish leaders - including president Andrzej Duda, prime minister Morawiecki, and foreign minister Rau - sent their best wishes on Wednesday (August 24) to Ukrainian nation on the 31st anniversary of the adoption of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. "Let friendship bind the Poles and the Ukrainians together strongly. Long live independent Ukraine! Long live independent Poland!" - Andrzej Duda said in a video published to mark the occasion.

Czech tests results are comparable to the Polish ones - Poland's Chief Inspectorate of Environment Protection announced on Tuesday (August 23) after presenting the results of tests conducted on water samples from Oder River. Apart from the Czechs, Poland has also asked labs in the Netherlands and United Kingdom to carry out separate tests on water samples from Oder.

Polish President Andrzej Duda offered more support for Ukraine and called for an end to the Russian occupation of Crimea during his visit to Kyiv on Tuesday as Russia's invasion of the country approached the six-month mark. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy vowed to restore Ukrainian rule over Russia-annexed Crimea, a move that he said would help re-establish "world law and order."

A team of sappers secured and removed five WWII-era anti-tank mines from the north-eastern town of Kolno (Podlaskie Voivodeship). For the duration of their mission, local residents living within 600 metres from the site had been evacuated, and the voivodeship road running through the town had been closed to traffic.

61% of respondents have a negative opinion on Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's cabinet, according to a Kantar poll carried out for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24. 34% of those asked in the survey shared a positive opinion regarding the government. 5% remained undecided.

A fragment of a new textbook meant to be used in high-schools starting this fall has sparked huge controversy and received severe criticism from teachers, activists and parliamentary opposition. In the disputed chapter, the author of "History and the Present" wrote - among other things - that "increasingly refined methods of separating sex from love and fertility lead to treating the sphere of sex as entertainment, and the sphere of fertility as production of humans or, as one might say, breeding". "Who will love children produced this way?" - asks the author, Professor Wojciech Roszkowski. The publishing house which had printed the textbook said in a statement issued on Monday (August 22), it would remove the controversial passage despite "not accepting the aforementioned criticism and wrongful interpretation".

Olsztyn Police calls upon car owners who lost their license plates during Sunday's heavy rainstorm to come to the station to pick them up. The lost and now found plates also include those from outside of the Olsztyn area. In order to collect the plates, drivers will have to report with their vehicles' registration cards.

More and more Poles are affected by the price spike. As many as 74% of respondents declare they have recently limited their spending due to high prices, according to the latest Kantar poll for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24. Only 25% of those asked said they haven't limited their spending in recent months. Furthermore, 75% expressed negative opinion regarding government action aimed at tackling the prices spike.

According to the latest Kantar poll for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24, the ruling United Right coalition would win the upcoming parliamentary election with 29% of votes. 27% declared their support for Civic Coalition, and 13% would choose Poland 2050. In total, five parties would win seats in the Sejm.