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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski cautioned at a press conference on Friday that the expected number of daily coronavirus infections could surpass 18,000. He added that a lot depends on adhering to sanitary restrictions. He also specified conditions for the binding limitations to be eased.

Many of us grown-ups could get jealous of this this little hero's courage and composure. A 7-year-old Amelka from Kalsk in western Poland has saved her grandma's life. The girl was in the middle of an online class, when her granny, suffering from diabetes, collapsed and hit her head. The lady wasn't able to call for help on her own, so Amelka stepped in.

Zhihui Li, a 53-year-old Swedish citizen of Chinese origin, should not be extradited to China, said the Court of Appeals in Warsaw. Six months ago, the court did not find any reason not to hand over the man who is a member of an organisation brutally persecuted by Beijing and wanted by local prosecutors for alleged fraud.

On Wednesday, March 3, an unexploded WWII-era bomb was discovered at a construction site in Wrocław. On Thursday, a bomb disposal team extracted the explosive from the site, took it to a proving ground where it was safely detonated. Moment of the explosion was captured on camera.

"We plan to extend the period between the first and the second dose of the vaccine" - Prime Minister's aide Michał Dworczyk said on Thursday. He explained that, starting next week, second doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will be applied 12 weeks after the first, whereas Pfizer's - 42 days after the first. More changes to the vaccination programme are to follow.

"Due to formal issues, 62,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will not be delivered to Poland on Thursday" - said the chief of the Governmental Strategic Reserves Agency (RARS) Michał Kuczmierowski. In his opinion, such a situation "is absolutely scandalous", as the company only informed about the delay "last minute". Mr Kuczmierowski told TVN24, however, that the late transport should reach Poland on Monday. The EU Commission has also reacted to the incident.

According to CBOS pollster, young Poles have become more polarised in their world view, there are less centrists and undecided. As regards to a record number of left-wing leanings, this sentiment prevails especially among young Polish women: 40 percent of them identify themself as left-wingers, compared to 22 percent of young men - according to the research carried out by CBOS.

Thursday, March 4, marks exactly one year since the first case of coronavirus infection was reported in Poland. So far, the country has had 1,750,656 infections and 44,656 COVID-related deaths. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told that coronavirus restrictions could be eased in May.

Participants of the Open Pension Fund will have two months to decide where to transfer their money - either to the Social Insurance Institute or to the Individual Retirement Pension Account (IKE). According to Business Centre Club expert Dorota Dula, it is too short a period for such an important decision.

The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that further 7,937 coronavirus infection cases and 216 deaths were confirmed in Poland. Over 50,000 tests coronavirus tests were taken within the last 24 hours. Since the start of the pandemic, Poland has reported a total of 1,719,708 infection cases and 44,008 deaths.

EU's Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday that successive amendments to Polish law regulating the country's Council of the Judiciary may stand in violation of the European law. The decision pertains to changes which, according to the European high court, "have removed effective court supervision of Council's decisions regarding nominees for Supreme Court justices".