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TVN24 News in English

Anyone can fall victim to unlawful surveillance, citizens, politicians - Supreme Audit Office President Marian Banaś said on Tuesday at a session of Senate extraordinary committee investigating reported cases of Pegasus software use. "I believe I've fallen victim to unlawful surveillance," he stressed. He added that the request to lift of his immunity included quotes from messages from his private email account.

There is no bill aimed at liquidating the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court - deputy spokesman of the ruling PiS party Radosław Fogiel told TVN24. PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński said in last year that the chamber, which is a "matter of dispute" with the EU, would be dismantled."We've been talking about continuation of the general overhaul of the justice system, rather than liquidating this, or any other chamber," Fogiel argued on Monday.

A student from Legnica (Lower Silesian Voivodeship) woke up in a burning apartment and helped his family to escape. 24-year-old Mateusz Burczak also came back to the flaming apartment for two dogs. Unfortunately, only one survived. While flat is being renovated, the university at which the man is studying offered to help him and his family. Moreover, the student's friends launched a fundraiser.

Poland's Supreme Audit Office (NIK) has unveiled invoices for a "purchase of a special technology for detecting and preventing crime" for a total price of 25 million zlotys. The Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) received money for the purchase from the Justice Fund. The NIK did not specify in a statement exactly what was this special technology, and stressed that its purchase could not have been financed with money from the Justice Fund. TVN24 "Czarno na Białym" reporter Piotr Świerczek said that "te word 'Pegasus' is not mentioned in the invoices, but the mentioned price is adequate to that of this software".

Rapper Karol Jerzy Nowakowski, better known as Pjus, has died at the age of 39. His friends and fellow hip-hop artists told TVN24 how they remembered their colleague from Alkopoligamia label. "He was an icon of determination, and that he never gave up. He used to pop into a hospital like it was a repair shop. He didn't despair and responded to sustained wounds like knight, and that was beautiful," said rapper Ten Typ Mes. Łukasz Stasiak admitted that he had never met any "other warrior like him".