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Part of the Westerplatte territory, including the Monument to the Defenders of the Coast, returns under Gdańsk administration, said the city mayor spokesman. The decision was made by the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA). In 2019, the plot was taken over by the state with a special act. After the legislation came into force, construction of an external exhibition has been launched. Since then the city hasn't been allowed to organise WWII outbreak anniversary commemorations.

The police are looking for persons who poisoned bees in Tworzymirki (Wielkopolskie province). Someone killed 21 bee families there, which according to local police translate into approximately 420,000 insects. Some of the beehives were sealed with expanding foam.

He left the bank and got robbed. But a 74-year-old man wasn't going to give up easily. He threw himself on the hood of the robbers' getaway car. Finally, the perps threw the stolen backpack out of the car, but kept a bag with documents and money. They didn't know, however, that most of the cash was in the backpack. The police are looking for the suspects and appeal to anyone who might help in finding them.

After his speech in the lower house, a far-right Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun directly addressed Poland's Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski and said: "You will hang". Deputy house speaker Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska called his words "a huge scandal". "I disagree with the minister over many issues, he said many foolish things. But I will defend you against such comments. This was a criminal threat, a truly awful thing," said Polish People's Party leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. Shortly after, minister Niedzielski himself took the floor. "I wouldn't like us to limit ourselves to just condemning, and not drawing consequences. Either we're assertive, or chiming in," he said.

Prices of consumer goods and services in Poland in August 2021 increased by 5.5% in a year-to-year comparison, and 0.3% compared to July - Poland's Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced on Wednesday. This means that inflation spiked to a level unseen in Poland for over 20 years.

Poland's notorious road hog Robert N., nicknamed "Frog", known for his reckless racing through the streets of Warsaw, has been sentenced for 18 months in prison. He was supposed to report to serve his sentence in January, but he hasn't done so yet. The police also haven't taken him to jail so far.

"You only live as long as you are remembered," says the inscription on a stone plaque which has been placed at a bridge in Nowe Miasto nad Wartą a few weeks ago. In 1969, a bus crashed through the barriers and fell off the bridge. Eleven people lost their lives. No much was known about this tragedy. An inquiry by a grandson of one of the victims has changed it all.

Civic Coalition MP Michał Szczerba said he would ask the Supreme Audit Office to carry out a control of a government programme called Polskie Szwalnie (Polish Sewing Rooms). A Development Ministry initiative, the 250-million-zloty programme was meant to ensure production and supply of Polish protective face masks. Meanwhile, according to "Superwizjer" TVN, millions of unusable masks have been produced at costs way over market prices. "A colossal amount of money has been invested, to absolute zero effect," Szczerba said.

Over 19 million people in Poland have been fully vaccinated with Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson shots, according to data published at government websites. The Health Ministry informed on Monday about 269 new infection cases, while no COVID-related deaths were recorded.

A woman spotted a scorpion crawling on the floor at her flat in Lublin. She caught the animal, put in a jar, placed it in the safe hands of specialists. It remains unknown how the scorpion found itself in the flat. Top working hypotheses assume it escaped from another flat, arrived in Poland in a fruit delivery or in some traveller's suitcase.

A likeness of Kazimierz Górski can now be seen in a mural painted on the wall of Primary School No. 37 in Białystok. The most successful coach of Poland's national football team is the school's patron. The unveiling date was not a coincidence. On September 10, 1972, "Górski's Eagles" won gold at summer Olympics in Munich after defeating Hungary 2:1 in the final match.

German and French foreign ministers - Zbigniew Rau, Heiko Maas and Jean-Yves Le Drian met on Friday in Weimar to mark the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Weimar Triangle. Rau said that it was a time of maturity and huge perspectives for further cooperation. Le Drian added that this format was a "chance for sincere discussion and seeking accord".