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ECHR: Polish Disciplinary Chamber violated Human Rights Convention in case against judge Juszczyszyn

The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday (October 6) issued its ruling in the case of Polish judge Paweł Juszczyszyn. According to the verdict, three articles of the European Convention on Human Rights had been violated by the now-dissolved Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland: right to a fair trial, right to respect for private and family life, and limitation on use of restrictions of rights. Furthermore, the high court said the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court had not been an independent and impartial tribunal established by law.

Ylva Johannson: Putin wants to destroy the European Union, we must make sure he doesn't

Vladimir Putin is using energy as a weapon, he's trying to divide us, he's trying to put false narrative and propaganda on what causes this energy crisis, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johannson said on Wednesday at the Warsaw Security Forum 2022 conference. "He wants to destroy the European Union - we should not be naive," she added. The Commissioner also listed the crucial issues the European Union has to deal with in order to keep itself safe.

Monetary Policy Council leaves interest rates unchanged

Poland's Monetary Policy Council announced in a statement on Wednesday (October 5) it decided to leave the NBP interest rates on the same level as last month. This has been first such decision since October, 2021, when the series of interest rates increases began. Most experts were predicting another increase by 25 basis points. The main, reference rate has been set at 6.75%.

Tsikhanouskaya: there are no anti-Ukrainian moods in Belarusian army

"I doubt that our, Belarusian army will participate alongside Russian army, because first of all, there are no anti-Ukrainian moods among our army, and secondly, our army is not experienced, we don’t have anything to fight with," Belarusian dissident Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya told TVN24 on Tuesday during Warsaw Security Forum. She added that "any mobilisation of Belarusian people will be a political suicide for Lukashenka".

Poland and Britain strengthen defence relations by signing landmark agreements

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Poland Mariusz Błaszczak handed soldiers of the 18th Anti-Aircraft Regiment the certificates attesting that they had completed a course on operating the "Small Narew" system elements. "We are finalising another stage of Polish-British cooperation, which means strengthening of Polish Armed Forces, as well as of the resilience of the whole eastern flank," he said during the official ceremony in Zamość. The event was also attended by British Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace, who said: "As we face the threat from Russia, we need the equipment and the capabilities to safeguard our people and preserve European stability".

General Hodges: Ukraine has achieved irreversible momentum

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can tp break the West's cohesion, former commander of United States Army Europe, General Ben Hodges told TVN24 on Tuesday. "That's not gonna happen," he said, adding that "Ukraine is going to continue to defeat Russian forces". Furthermore, in his opinion, "Ukraine has achieved irreversible momentum".

World Bank: economic slowdown expected in Poland as "war dimmed prospects of post-pandemic recovery in Europe"

The Polish economy may grow at 1.6 percent next year when compared to 4.0 percent anticipated for 2022 and 3.6 percent forecasted in the previous edition of the report published in spring - according to the latest annual report published on Tuesday (October 4) by the World Bank. The slowdown is to be mainly affected by the war in Ukraine. "The global economy continues to be weakened by the war through significant disruptions in trade and food and fuel price shocks," says the report.

25 years of TVN. Kasia Kieli: we're entering the next 25 years stronger than ever

"We're entering the next 25 years stronger than ever before, because we're doing it as Warner Bros. Discovery. This opens completely new opportunities for us" - President & Managing Director Warner Bros. Discovery Poland and TVN CEO Kasia Kieli said on Monday morning in TVN24. She also expressed her gratitude to the viewers. "They are incredible, we can feel their sympathy for us, their support in every step we take, they are behind us also when times get tough," Kieli stressed.

Russian ambassador summoned by Poland's MFA over Putin's illegal annexation of Ukrainian lands

Russia's Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev was summoned to Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (October 3). The ministry expressed Poland's standpoint regarding the pseudo-referenda carried by Russian occupiers in four regions of Ukraine and attempts to incorporate part of this country's territory into Russia. Polish MFA spokesperson Łukasz Jasina spoke to reporters after Andreev's visit. "We have summoned Mr Ambassdor to express our standpoint regarding President Vladimir Putin's illegal decisions (and) the also illegal annexation of Ukraine's territories," he stressed.

"Desperate action by the Kremlin". Poland condems Russia's annexation of Ukrainian regions

Today's desperate action by the Kremlin is a defeat for those who naively believed in a compromise with Russia, Poland's President Andrzej Duda said on social media on Friday (September 30), in response to Russia's annexation of four regions of Ukraine. Poland's Foreign Ministry also issued a statement in that regard, saying that "Russia seeks escalation of the conflict and rejects its peaceful settlement".

Flash estimate: inflation in September at 17.2% year on year

Inflation in September this year rose at a 17.2% annual pace, according to a flash estimate released on Friday (September 30) by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (Statistics Poland). The barrier of 17% has been crossed for the first time since February, 1997. Experts projected consumer prices to increase by 16.5% year on year.

Prime minister's office chief Michał Dworczyk steps down

Michał Dworczyk announced on Friday (September 30) he resigned as chief of prime minister's chancellery. "I'd like to thank Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, PiS leadership and all KPRM employees" - he said on social media.

U.S. Congress approves 288.6 million dollars military financing for Poland

"The Congress of the United States has approved $288.6 Million in Foreign Military Financing for Poland" - U.S. Embassy in Poland announced on Thursday (September 29). According to a statement published on the embassy's website, "Poland has delivered extraordinary support to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s further invasion. These funds will speed the backfill of capabilities Poland has been able to provide from its own stocks to add to Ukraine’s defense, including main battle Tanks".

Foreign minister Rau on "predominant conviction" regarding Nord Stream sabotage

"The predominant conviction in this discourse, which is mainly run by the media, boils down to that the Russians might have had an interest in committing such a deed," Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau said in an interview for Fakty TVN reporter Marcin Wrona. The minister was referring to the still-unexplained circumstances of the recent sabotage on the Nord Stream pipelines on the Baltic Sea.

Richard Quest in TVN24: Europe should brace for energy blackouts and recession

"President Putin and Gazprom’s decision some weeks ago to restrict or shut down Nord Stream 1 ripped off the band-aid. It told us that we couldn’t expect Russian oil and gas in that sense, and so we’d have to find some other way," CNN journalist Richard Quest said in an interview for TVN24's Michał Sznajder. In his view, Europe should expect "blackouts" and prepare for "energy sharing or rationing". "All of these things will affect Europeans and will help to push the European economy into recession," Quest warned.

A repertory cinema in Łódź shuts down due to threefold increase in bills

A Łódź repertory cinema - Kino Bodo - will cease to operate in November due to a threefold increase in heating and electricity bills. "The first thing people cut down on when faced with tight home budget is, unfotunately, culture. And so a small cinema like ours is not able to survive," says the owner of the place, Wojciech Wojtysiak.

EU Commission deducts another tranche from Poland's funds

The European Commission has deducted another - sixth - tranche from funds earmarked for Poland. This is yet another financial penalty for the country's non-compliance with the ruling issued by EU's highest court, which ordered Warsaw to immediately suspend law provisions regulating the functioning of the contested Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court. This time, the Commission deducted 33 million euro, which is approximately 157 million zlotys.

Blaze kills two people at PKN Orlen production facility in Płock

Two people were killed in a blaze that erupted in a furnace at PKN Orlen production facility in Płock on Tuesday (September 27). The company said the fire was extinguished soon and called up a special commission to investigate what caused the tragic accident. The police and prosecutors' office are also looking into the matter.