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TVN24 News in English

The leader of Wisła Kraków football hooligans has been arrested in Italy. Paweł M. a.k.a. Misiek had been wanted since May for being the leader of an organized crime gang dealing with narcotics, beatings and other attacks. He is in detention in Italy and now awaits the decision of the court for his extradition back to Poland.

They were legal, but unjustified. The court has ruled concerning police searches of the houses of activists from the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD). The activists claim the police used heavy-handed tactics to scare them. This was after the wave of civil protesters who dressed monuments in T-shirts or banners with the word "Constitution" written on them. The police claim that they entered the homes because they were searching for evidence.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has decided that the request for preliminary ruling, sent by the Polish Supreme Court in early August, will be processed in an expedited procedure. The CJEU President stated in the substantiation that "a prompt reply by the CJEU may dispel serious concerns (...) especially those concerning independence of judges". The CJEU has scheduled to process a request by the Polish Supreme Court for preliminary ruling on 12th of February 2019.

Children's day in the Sejm, in September - more than three years late. The 24th session of the Sejm of Children and Youth has been held, for the first time ever in the fall. It was delayed due to the protest of disabled people and their guardians. Some of the young representatives are disappointed that they were not able to debate that issue.

The corrective statement everyone was waiting for has been made. The prime minister has rectified what he had said about how the government of Civic Platform and Polish People's Party spending the same amount of money on local roads in 8 years as Law and Justice in just 12-18 months. The Court of Appeals in Warsaw, in a legally binding verdict, decided that Mateusz Morawiecki's statement was false.

Central Bureau of Police Investigations' officers have detained 26 people in Warsaw and its environs, who are believed to be members of the Ożarów gang, known for its high-skill drug trade. It is estimated that its members distributed almost 270 kilograms of narcotics, worth almost 13 million zlotys. In total, 45 people are suspects and the police have not ruled out more arrests.