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Hurricane-force winds kill four and cause havoc across Poland

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Zniszczenia w wyniku porywistych wiatrów w Polsce
TVN24Hurricane-force winds kill four and cause havoc across Poland

Four people were killed and 18 injured in a storm that battered Poland with hurricane-force winds on Thursday night, authorities said, damaging properties and felling trees across western and central areas of the country.

Fire services reported more than 10,000 incidents and 930 buildings were damaged with the western province of Lubuskie and the central Łódzkie province hit the hardest. "The storm was terrible, it broke the sheet metal and took it from one part of the roof to the other side of the house," Krzysztof Kolczynski, whose house in the village of Maszkowice in central Poland was damaged in the storm, told TVN24. "It's good that there were chimneys, otherwise it would have torn off the entire roof," he added.

In the south-western city of Wrocław, police said that two people were killed when a tree fell on their car. "Wrocław police received a report about a tree that fell on a moving vehicle," said police officer Paweł Noga. "Unfortunately, it was confirmed on the spot that two people in the car were killed in the incident." The Polish meteorological office issued fresh storm warnings for Friday evening, with the north of the country expected to face the strongest winds.

Furthermore, a significant change of weather is expected on Sunday.


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