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"We would like to base the work system in the coming school year on a traditional model, in which classes are held in schools" - the minister of education Dariusz Piontkowski said on Wednesday. Decisions on whether to organise remote classes for all or some children are to be taken jointly by headmasters, school supervisory bodies and sanitary services.

The heath ministry on Tuesday informed about 680 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, as well as of the death of six infected persons. This is the highest daily number of infections recorded in Poland so far, and fourth record-breaking number within the last seven days. Since the start of the pandemic, Poland has reported a total of 48,149 infection cases, of which 1738 were fatal.

Poland's Supreme Court ruled on Monday that presidential election, won by incumbent president Andrzej Duda, were valid. The court had earlier on examined thousands of electoral protests, including a bid by the centrist Civic Platform party for an election re-run, and decided that only 92 had valid grounds, yet had not had any impact on the final results.

The Polish government is considering taking new steps to curb the spread of COVID-19 after the number of new cases rose by a record amount for the second successive day. On Thursday, the Health Ministry said 615 infections were recorded, which was the new record only until Friday, when 657 cases were reported. In total, Poland has reported 45,688 infections and 1,716 deaths so far.

Poland reported its highest daily rise in coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic on Thursday, with 615 new infections, according to the health ministry's Twitter account. The ministry also announced the deaths of a further 15 people. Poland has reported a total of 45,031 infections and 1,709 deaths so far.

"We regret the mis-representations and deliberate misinformation about the aims and purpose of the Istanbul Convention and their use for narrow ideological purposes" - the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) said in a statement referring to Poland's justice minister plans. Zbigniew Ziobro wants Polish government to withdraw from the convention tackling domestic violence, including violence against women.

The Ministry of Health informed on Monday about 337 newly confirmed coronavirus infections and the death of 5 people. Since the start of the pandemic, Poland has reported 43,402 infections, of which 1676 infected people have died so far.

The overall debt that Poles owe to their lenders has risen by 1,2 bln zloty in April and May, due to overdue credit and bills payments. The number is twice as high compared to 2019, according to a InfoDług report. The overall sum of this type of debt has equalled nearly 81 bln zloty.

Poland's justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro's has vowed to submit a motion aimed at withdrawing his country from the Istanbul Convention, which condemns all forms of violence against women and domestic violence. The minister, who is also the leader of a junior coalition partner party United Poland, has said the convention contains harmful, ideological elements. However, a government official told TVN24 on Saturday that the cabinet had not made any decisions in that regard.