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Brave Jager overpowers attacker armed with a knife

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Funkcjonariusz SG razem z psem służbowym zatrzymali 34-latka
Funkcjonariusz SG razem z psem służbowym zatrzymali 34-latkaWarmińsko-Mazurski Oddział Straży Granicznej
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Border Guard Warmian-Masurian UnitBorder Guard dog overpowers attacker armed with a knife

A Border Guard officer, together with his service dog Jager, were helping the police to find a person who had robbed a gas station in Braniewo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). They found an abandoned building. Inside there was a man who suddenly attacked the officer with a sharp object, but Jager quickly apprehended him.

It all happened on Monday morning (November 22). A gas station in Braniewo was broken into and robbed. The police asked the Border Guard, or to be more precise an officer and his dog Jager who have been working together for 8 years now, for help in finding the perpetrator.

"Jager picked up the scent and led to an abandoned building. There was a man inside, who tried to run away when he saw the Border Guard patrol. The officer warned him that the dog would attack him if he tried to escape. Hearing this, the 34-year-old man attacked the officer with a sharp object. The dog immediately overpowered the attacker," said Mirosława Aleksandrowicz from the Border Guard Warmian-Masurian Unit.

Jager picked up the suspect's scent and helped to locate himBorder Guard Warmian-Masurian Unit

It turned out the attacker was a resident of Braniewo county, wanted by the Polish justice system in relation to another ongoing inquiry. He was not responsible for robbing the gas station.

The man was charged with assault on a Border Guard officer. On Wednesday, the court decided to arrest him for three months.

The knife used by the attackerBorder Guard Warmian-Masurian Unit


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