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Prime Minister Morawiecki decided to earmark funds from the budget in fight to contain tragic fires that have already consumed about 6,000 hectares of Poland's largest natural treasure, the Biebrza National Park. Environmentalists say that the fire reflects ongoing climate change and urge the government to change its water management policies to fight the drought.

As the world marks Earth Day, Greenpeace activists unfurled a giant banner in front of a government building in Warsaw on Wednesday (April 22) urging Poland's nationalist government to focus on the well-being of its citizens and the environment rather than on the growth of the country's coal-reliant economy once a lockdown is lifted.

The Ministry of Health informed on Wednesday morning about 178 new coronavirus infections and death of 3 people infected with SARS-CoV-2. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Poland, 10,034 infection cases have been reported, of which 404 people have died.

Deputy PM Jadwiga Emilewicz announced on Tuesday the government would present a set of proposals later this week that would protect Polish companies struck by the coronavirus lockdown from being taken over on the cheap by private equity funds. "This is also taking care that Polish companies, which have been built laboriously for 30 years, do not become a cheap target in this difficult situation," Emilewicz told a press conference.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin and his Agreement party - a junior partner in the ruling coalition led by Law and Justice (PiS) - on Monday began talks with opposition Civic Platform (PO) party aimed at delaying the presidential election scheduled for May 10. PiS wants to carry out the election as planned, but only through postal voting. Agreement wants the election to be postponed until 2022.

U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, commented in a tweet on the announcement made last week by "Fakty" TVN anchor Grzegorz Kajdanowicz on behalf of the editorial team, in response to a wave of attacks on TVN and its journalists, made by state-owned TVP television.

Polish Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski said on Friday the nearest time safe elections in traditional form are possible would be in two years. He added the only other safe way to hold elections would be by post. Poland is scheduled to hold a presidential election in May and the ruling nationalists Law and Justice (PiS) have advocated a postal vote. As of Friday evening, Poland had reported 8379 cases of the coronavirus and 332 deaths.

Polish government announced a 4-stage plan to ease restrictions imposed on citizens in fight against the coronavirus spread. Green spaces, such as parks and forests, will reopen from April 20, and more people will be allowed in shops at one time. "These steps ... do not mean the epidemic is over," Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski stressed at a conference on Thursday. Poles are required to wear protective masks in public places at all times.

Chairman of junior coalition member Agreement, former deputy PM Jarosław Gowin, announced on Thursday his faction would seek cross-party support for the plan to extend president's term up to seven years, which would keep incumbent Andrzej Duda in office until 2022. As a constitutional change, this would require opposition backing to secure the necessary two-thirds approval. In the meantime, citizens' bill tightening abortion laws has been sent to parliamentary commission for detailed analysis.

Polish parliament on Wednesday a citizens' initiative to further tighten already strict abortion rules. "We are talking about whether in Poland we can cut people into pieces without anaesthetic," Kaja Godek, one of the authors of the proposal, told parliament. Barbara Nowacka, a leftist member of parliament said the initiative would only expose poor women to fear. Spokeswoman for the ruling Law and Justice party said that parliament would probably vote on Thursday to send the measure to a committee for further deliberations.

A draft law that, if passed, would allow prison sentences for sex educators is among other highly controversial bills the Polish lower house, the Sejm, is set to vote over on Thursday. The underlying idea behind the project is, as its authors claim, that paedophiles and LGBT+ activists often use sex education to "groom and familiarise children with homosexuality". Since coming to power in 2015, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has targeted LGBT+ rights as an invasive foreign influence that threatens Poland's national identity.

The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) have put forward a draft legislation that would extend presidential mandate from five to seven years. The move would require amending the constitution. If passed, the law would extend President Andrzej Duda's, a PiS ally, term up to 2022. The election next month has been clouded in uncertainty amid restrictions on public life imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Polish lower house is to proceed over draft laws, put forward as citizens' initiative, that would further limit instances in which abortion would be legal. The ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party had once already backed out from pushing stricter anti-abortion rules after massive protest staged across the country. This time PiS is under fire for attempting to pass the controversial agenda when coronavirus restrictions made public gatherings illegal. Despite the restrictions, some women, standing apart and wearing face masks, protested on Tuesday in Kraków, while in Warsaw some drivers stuck "Women's Strike" protest banners in their car windows. By Wednesday, about 700,000 people had signed an online petition to the government to oppose the proposal. Several other citizens' bills are also on the agenda on Wednesday, highlighting a growing presence of conservative and far-right voices in public debate.

Poland's lower house is ready to debate the proposals on abortion and sexual education that were submitted during the last term and must be discussed by May. The former bill is aimed to tighten already very strict abortion rules, seriously affecting rights and safety of women in the country. The latter, on the other hand, may violate the right of children to comprehensive sexuality education. Critics accuse Poland's ruling Law and Justice party of trying to push the controversial and widely protested agenda through parliament in the time of coronavirus chaos. Human Rights Watch is one of the institutions speaking against the idea. "The Polish government's focus during the pandemic should be to protect people's health and rights, not diminish them."

Restrictions imposed in Poland to curb the spread of coronavirus will most likely be gradually lifted starting April 19, government officials informed on Tuesday. Shops would be the first facilities to see the limitations withdrawn. Poland's borders will remain closed until May 3. The number of coronavirus infections has gone up to 7,049 with 251 deaths.

The 10th anniversary of Smolensk crash commemorations were held in a low key fashion on Friday (April 10) due to coronavirus crisis. Senior officials laid wreaths at a monument in Warsaw to honour late president Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria, and 94 others who died in the crash. Poland has yet again asked Russia to return the wreckage of the presidential Tupolev. Russia, in turn, has released a video showing the wreckage and an official stating there was no evidence of an explosion on board the plane.