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The Sejm adopted on Friday a draft budget for 2020. The bill assumes revenue and spending to be balanced at 435.3 billion zlotys. In the third reading, the Sejm made minor adjustments to the bill. If case the bill eventually becomes law, it would be the first balanced budget in Poland's history.

On Friday afternoon the Sejm published on its website the lists of candidates for the new National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) and the names of judges who had supported them in the process of appointment. The Sejm Information Centre added that the verdict of the Voivodeship Administrative Court (WSA) has "removed a legal obstacle" that prevented the lower house from publishing the lists.

Polish lower house on Thursday rejected the no confidence motion against the Minister of the Interior and Administration submitted by the opposition. Minister Mariusz Kamiński, who also serves as special services coordinator, has been strongly criticised by Civic Coalition for "damaging" and "spreading pathology" in the services under his command. The no confidence motion was announced after January's "Superwizjer" TVN report, in which former anti-corruption bureau agent Tomasz Kaczmarek (better known as "Agent Tomek") had accused Kamiński of pressuring him during operation regarding a residence allegedly owned by former president Aleksander Kwaśniewski and his wife. Before surviving the vote, Kamiński delivered a long speech laying out the achievements of the services under his leadership.

The Sejm on Thursday disregarded the Senate's call to reject the amendment to the broadcasting act and the license fees act which assumes nearly 2 billion zlotys of compensation in 2020 for Polish Television (TVP) and Polish Radio. The bill will now be sent to the president in order to be signed into law. The debate on the bill culminated after Law and Justice (PiS) MP Joanna Lichocka extended her middle finger at the opposition. She later explained that the gesture wasn't what most people thought it was.

The EU Commission still wants to be engaged in an open dialogue with Poland, but at the same it remains the guardian of the EU treaties - the EU executive deputy chief Vera Jourova said during a debate on Polish rule of law in Strasbourg. The motion to add the debate to the agenda was filed by the Renew Europe faction in reaction to the adoption of the so-called muzzle law in Poland.

The Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) has rejected a complaint over refusal to register foreign birth certificate having two women mentioned as parents. Based on this case, the NSA had adopted a resolution in December 2019 stating it was impossible to have a woman registered as father in the Polish document.

An investigation has been launched into Monday's tragic accident in Polish ski resort in Bukowina Tatrzańska. Strong wind tore a roof off a ski rental building and blew it straight at a family of four. As a result, mother and her two daughters died, and the father was taken to a hospital in a state of shock. County construction supervision authority informed on Tuesday the building had been erected without permit and done in a rough and ready fashion.

On Wednesday (February 5th) afternoon, a resolution by the Sejm Speaker Elżbieta Witek scheduling presidential election on May 10 was published in the Journal of Laws. Thereby, the presidential campaign was officially commenced. According to polls, the incumbent president Andrzej Duda, backed by his former party - the ruling Law and Justice (PiS), stands the best chance to win and be re-elected. His opponents, however, claim that in politics one can never be sure of anything, and pledge to fight to win over the hearts of voters.

The Supreme Bar Council (NRA) called upon politicians in a resolution adopted on Friday to repeal "legislative regulations detrimental to Poland". According the NRA, the amended law on courts violates the constitutional principle of separation of powers, under the guise of improving the functioning of courts.