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TVN24 News in English

A police officer form Tarnów Podgórny (near Poznań) spotted a little scared animal on the side of the road. He stopped his car, blocked the traffic and carefully approached the animal which turned out to be a little fox. The cub was injured and the officer took it to a vet.

Half of respondents have a negative opinion regarding government action aimed at fighting the pandemic, according to a poll conducted by Kantar for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24. The survey also showed that 45 percent of those asked share a positive opinion.

If the parliamentary election was held in the coming days, the United Right ruling coalition would gather 30 percent of votes, according to the latest phone survey conducted by Kantar pollster for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24. The opposition Civic Coalition would get 21 percent, Szymon Hołownia's Poland 2050 would secure 20 percent (in the previous poll, 4 percent said they would support Polish Coalition of PSL and Kukiz'15).

"Whoever disagrees with the government can get arrested and sentenced based on aspersions" - said the President of the Supreme Audit Office Marian Banaś. He referred to a search of his son's house carried out by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. "This was yet another search of the same property. My son, just like myself, has been under constant surveillance and faced repression along with his family" - Banaś added.

Poland announced a staggered reopening of the economy in May as it emerges from a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with shopping centres set to reopen from Tuesday, followed later in the month by hotels, restaurants and other services. By the end of May, all students should return to schools.

Warsaw City Hall has announced it would install 165 sensors to monitor air quality in the city and the outskirts. A tender has just been opened for the delivery of the devices and software. Experts from the Warsaw University of Technology have selected locations where the sensors will be set up.

President Andrzej Duda, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin and PM's office chief Michał Dworczyk on Tuesday met with representatives of industries shut down due to the pandemic. Among the topics they discussed was reopening of the economy. Gowin proposed a draft schedule and dates.

Poland's opposition Left block said on Tuesday that the government had accepted its proposals for how money from the European Union's COVID-19 recovery fund should be spent, bringing Polish approval for the plan a step closer. Later that day Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed the government has adopted a draft law ratifying the EU recovery plan. "We're sending this bill to the parliament" - he said.

We are preparing a schedule of easing restriction for May. It should be announced most likely on Wednesday, possibly Thursday - Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Monday. He added that apart from education, many other sectors would be reopened. Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin said Poland's economy should fully reopen by the end of May.