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NATO's military exercises resumed this month in Poland as Warsaw eyes hosting withdrawing U.S. troops based in Germany. President Donald Trump confirmed the withdrawal of some 9.500 soldiers on Monday. Approximately 6,000 U.S. and Polish soldiers are taking part in Defender-Europe 20 Plus drills, initially planned in May and billed as NATO's biggest war games in Europe since the Cold War, but scaled down and modified due to COVID-19 epidemic.

"I would like to recall that under the EU law, as well as under the Polish constitution, each individual is equal, regardless of his or her race, religion or sexual orientation," vice president of the EU Commission Vera Jourova said on Monday. Her words referred to anti-LGBT comments made by the members of Poland's nationalist ruling party, as well as president Andrzej Duda, ahead of the presidential election scheduled for June 28.

Poland's grand proposal in 2018 to name a military base in honor of Donald Trump, in return for the U.S. president placing a permanent presence there, has crumbled amid disputes over how to fund the deployment and where to garrison the soldiers, sources say.

Health Ministry informed on Tuesday that 13,196 people have recovered after contracting coronavirus in Poland so far. On Monday, however, Poland recorded the highest number of daily infections since the start of the pandemic, taking the overall number up to 27,365.

Poland and the Baltic states will open their borders to each other next week in an easing of coronavirus travel restrictions, Lithuanian Prime Minister said on Friday after a video conference with his Polish counterpart. Furthermore, the Czech Republic has opened its borders with all neighbouring countries except Poland, which should join soon. All internal EU borders will most likely open by the end of June.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside U.S. embassy in Warsaw on Thursday (June 4) to protest against racism and U.S. police violence. American citizen George Floyd died after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, video footage showed, sparking outrage across the United States and beyond. Protests in the country have turned violent.

Poland's ruling nationalists won a vote of confidence on Thursday, as they sought to shore up their authority amid a series of incidents that have threatened to derail the election campaign of their ally, incumbent President Andrzej Duda. Poland will hold the first round of its presidential election on June 28. The election was originally scheduled for May 10 but voting could not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The speaker of Poland's lower chamber of parliament, Elżbieta Witek, has scheduled presidential election for June 28. Initially, the vote was supposed to take place in May 10, but it was called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Should a run-off be necessary, it will take place two weeks later on July 12.

A Polish prosecutor has charged an IKEA manager with religious discrimination for firing an employee who called homosexuality "an abomination" on the company's internal website. At the same time, a Warsaw-based court rejected a private prosecution filed against an anti-LGBT activists Kaja Godek, who had said homosexuals want to adopt children only to abuse them.

The last possible date that Poland could hold a presidential election on is June 28, the leader of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party said on Wednesday, amid deepening conflict surrounding the timing of the vote. The date of Poland's presidential election, originally scheduled for May 10, remains uncertain, with PiS accusing the opposition-controlled Senate of delaying tactics designed to help their main candidate's chances.