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PM Tusk announces decision regarding his presidential candidacy

"I will not be running in the presidential elections," Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Thursday (May 23). He added that there is a whole group of candidates determined to fight for the presidency. When asked about Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski's candidacy, he said he would be "happy if he tried again".

Ambassador Brzezinski: KRRiT statement undermines our shared values

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski on Thursday (May 23) commented on the actions of Poland's National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT), which still has not issued its decision regarding license extension for the TVN Style channel. The ambassador stressed that Tuesday's "statement by the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) questioning the legitimacy of an American company's operations in Poland, undermines our shared values, bilateral interests, and the rule of law".

MP: possible foul play in ex-PM's role in abandoned postal election

A Polish parliamentary commission will inform prosecutors that the former prime minister's role in an abortive plan to organise elections by postal vote during the COVID pandemic may constitute a crime, its deputy chairman said on Thursday (May 23). Morawiecki said in an emailed statement that the commission was "trying to use the mechanism of an investigative commission to fight political competition".

Sikorski: Poland will back two-state solution for Mideast conflict

During a meeting of the "Weimar Triangle" on Wednesday (May 22), Poland said that it backed a two-state solution to the Middle East crisis between Israel and the Palestinians, after Ireland, Spain and Norway announced that they would recognise a Palestinian state. "I am not in favour of turning the recognition into a plaything of political forces but that it contributes towards a diplomatic, regional solution," said French foreign minister. Their German counterpart said that the conflict in the Middle could be solved through direct negotiations on both sides.

Defense minister: security is the crucial task of the government

"Security is the most important task of Donald Tusk's government," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz said on Wednesday (May 22), presenting information on security before the parliament. He emphasized that all political forces should cooperate for the sake of Poland's security.

Tusk: comparing Israeli PM to Hamas leaders is unacceptable

Portraying the prime minister of Israel as the equivalent to the leaders of Hamas is unacceptable, Poland's prime minister said on Tuesday (May 21), after the International Criminal Court prosecutor requested arrest warrants for both Israeli and Hamas leaders.

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek passes away at 71

Esteemed Polish composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek has passed away at the age of 71 after a long struggle with illness, the Polish Music Foundation said on Tuesday (May 21). In 2005, Kaczmarek won an Academy Award for Best Original Score in Marc Forster's "Finding Neverland".

Donald Tusk in TVN24: we must fully regain control and investigate Russian influence in Poland

The crucial thing is to fully regain control over what is happening in the territory of Poland - Prime Minister Donald Tusk told TVN24 on Monday (May 20) evening, asked information regarding sabotage and provocation attempts carried out in Poland. He also announced a commission investigating Russian and Belarusian influence in Poland would be launched on Tuesday. "At the moment, we have arrested and charged 9 suspects who were directly involved in acts of sabotage in Poland," Tusk added.

Kaczyński: we support our political rivals' efforts regarding defence

The leader of Poland's largest opposition party, Jarosław Kaczyński of Law and Justice (PiS), declared on Monday (May 20) that his formation supports "all kinds of efforts on the part of our political rivals when it comes to defence of borders". "We treat the issue of defence as an element of a cross-party nature," he added.

PM Tusk to announce "iron dome" initiative in days. EIB offers 300 million euros for Poland's satellite program

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Monday (May 20) that, in a few days, together with other European prime ministers, he would present an "iron dome" initiative for Poland and Europe. Speaking at a press conference alongside Tusk, European Central Bank (EIB) President Nadia Calviño announced the EIB has pledged to invest 300 million euros in Poland's satellite program.

Warsaw mayor vows support for Marywilska center merchants

We will do absolutely everything to save all or as many jobs as possible and support business owners - Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski said on Friday (May 17) after a meeting with merchants from the recently burned Marywilska 44 shopping center.

Poland worst in the EU. Rainbow Europe Map and Index 2024

For the fifth year in a row, Poland has been ranked last among the EU countries in the Europe-wide ranking measuring the level of equal rights for LGBTQI+ people. Only seven countries across the entire continent ranked lower, including Belarus, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

U.S. Special Forces base in Poland named after a fallen soldier

The United States Army Special Forces have opened a permanent base in Kraków. It's been named Camp Miron, in honor of Mirosław "Miron" Łucki, a soldier of the Polish special forces who died in 2013 in Afghanistan. The base will host between 150 and 200 American special forces personnel. It is the first permanent U.S. special forces base in Poland and the easternmost permanent U.S. special forces base in Europe. TVN24 reporter Marcin Kwaśny visited Camp Miron. 

State prosecutor's office: former judge Szmydt on wanted list

Poland's National Public Prosecutor's Office announced on Thursday (May 16) that former judge Tomasz Szmydt, who has asked for asylum in Belarus, has been placed on a wanted list. The prosecutor investigating the case may also try to obtain the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

Polish ambassador: emotions in Slovak politics have been running high for years

A very high level of emotions has characterized political life in Slovakia for years, Poland's Ambassador to Slovakia Maciej Ruczaj told TVN24 on Thursday (May 16). He also spoke about the would-be assassin who shot and wounded Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on Wednesday. "He is a person of a rather complicated personality," the ambassador said.

NBP: core inflation in April 2024 at 4.1% y/y

Core inflation in Poland - inflation net of food and energy prices - in April 2024 amounted to 4.1% y/y compared to 4.6% a month earlier, Poland's central bank announced on Thursday (May 16). The core inflation measure is used to show inflation net of food and energy prices.

Sikorski: Poland will do whatever it takes not to be a Russian colony again

We have a saying in Poland: every country has an army - either your own or a foreign one. We have experienced many times that your own, in the long run, is cheaper. We will do whatever it takes not to be a Russian colony again - Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski said during the Impact'24 congress in Poznań. He also stressed that the world needs Ukraine's win in the war against Russia.

Slovak PM Robert Fico wounded in assassination attempt. Tusk: my thoughts are with you

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot and wounded in the abdomen after a government meeting on Wednesday (May 15), Slovak media reported. An assassination (attempt) on Prime Minister Robert Fico was carried out today at the government's off-site meeting in Handlova," the government office said in a statement. Slovak President Zuzana Caputova and several EU leaders condemned the attack. "Shocking news from Slovakia. Robert, my thoughts are with you in this very difficult moment," Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on X.