Police identified 135 people in connection to attack on Białystok LGBT march

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The police have identified 135 people suspected of crime or misdemeanor during the Equality Marchin Białystok (video from July 25)TVN24 News in English
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The police have so far identified 135 people suspected of committing crimes or misdemeanor during the Equality March in Białystok - the spokesperson for the Podlasie Police Tomasz Krupa informed on Monday. The prosecutor's office has launched several inquries into July's incidents.


The first ever Equality March, under the motto "Białystok - home to everyone", went through the streets of this city on July 20. Counterprotesters, including football fans, tried to block the passage on a number of occasions. The police had to use gas to fight off the attackers, who were throwing rocks, firecrackers, eggs and bottles and chanted offensive slurs at the parade participants.

The police are still identifying the people who broke the law during the march, by analysing the CCTC footage and asking the media to provide any materials showing illegal activity. According to Monday's data, so far, 135 people have been identified suspected of committing acts prohibited by the law.

Most of the cases pertain to misdemeanor, attempts to disrupt a lawful gathering, as well as public indecency (mainly gestures and chanting). In such cases, people usually receive fines. Refusal to accept such measure results in the case being referred to the court.

"Thirteen inquiries, connected in various ways to the Equality March, are being run by the Regional Prosecutor's Office for Białystok-South," informed the head of this institution Wojciech Zalesko. So far, 7 people have been charged and 2 people were taken into temporary custody. "We are still receiving more notifications regarding the case," prosecutor Zalesko added.

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