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Russian Ambassador summoned by Polish Foreign Ministry over Putin comments

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Russian Ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, was urgently summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) on Friday, due to recent comments made by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin - Polish foreign ministry announced.

"During the conversation (with the the Russian Ambassador) a firm protest on behalf of Polish authorities was expressed against historical insinuations committed in recent days by high representatives of the Russian Federation, especially President Vladimir Putin, as well as the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin," said Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz.

"The recent statements given by high representatives of Russia indicate that a deliberate and aggressive attempt is being made to introduce a Stalinist narrative into Russian historical perception. These statements, based on totalitarian regime propaganda, stand in stark contrast with international commitments of the Russian Federation, and are a mockery of millions of victims of the Stalinist totalitarianism, of which the Russian nation was also a victim," said the deputy chief of the MSZ. Przydacz added that such attempts to falsify history are the best proof just how much and still necessary are international actions aimed at vehemently condemning both the Nazi and the Soviet totalitarianism. "Apparently, the government at the Kremlin needs to process the fact of defeat of the Soviet project," he stressed.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on December 21st regarding false narratives presented by the Russian Federation.

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