Poland terminates search for Danish fisherman on Baltic Sea

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miastokolobrzeg.plSearch for the missing crew of a Danish vessel

Polish services terminated the search for a Danish fisherman whose boat had ran aground near Polish coast with engine on. The search mission will not be resumed - the spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service Rafał Goeck informed on Friday.

"The rescue mission carried out by Polish services and suspended on Thursday at 17:30 on Thursday will not be resumed. We end our operation. We did all we could" - Goeck said on Friday.

He added Poland had no information on whether the Danish side launched their own search and results thereof.

The Maritime Search and Rescue Service (SAR) received information about a stuck Danish boat R 252 Ramona at 9:23 a.m. on Thursday.

A rescue team found no one on board and the ship's engine was running in auto-pilot mode. The team found a charging cell phone and a pack of cigarettes.

In cooperation with the Danish Maritime Authority it was determined that the owner of the vessel, a 60-year-old fisherman, most likely sailed on his own. Furthermore, the sailor probably went missing behind Danish border, as he reportedly set up nets near Bornholm.

Rafał Goeck said the boat sailed empty from Bornholm to the Polish coast.

Units from the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Sea Border Guard and a Navy helicopter took part in the search on the Baltic sea.

The boat was hauled away to port in Kołobrzeg. It will be handed over to the owner's family.


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