General Maczek's original uniform added to Polish History Museum collection

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Original uniform that had once belonged to General Stanisław Maczek was added to the collection of the Polish History Museum on Wednesday (June 1). "General Maczek remained loyal to the honour of the Polish uniform and Poland's national interest. He was also loyal to his soldiers," the museum director Robert Kostro said during a ceremony of adding of the uniform to the collection.

A military uniform of Poland's legendary General Stanisław Maczek was officially added to the collection of the Polish History Museum on Wednesday. The special ceremony dedicated to this act was held in the temporary seat of the museum.

"General Maczek is a legendary figure, he was an outstanding commander of the Polish Army. He was both prudent and romantic. He took part in four wars, he fought for Poland's freedom in many places around the world, during the September campaign, in France, and in Great Britain. He remained loyal to the honour of the Polish uniform and Poland's national interest. He came an incredibly long way from Poland, through Hungary, to France and Great Britain, and later he fought again. He was also loyal to his soldiers. During his time in emigration, they seen him as a great authority and inspiration. He never left them behind, also when he received an offer to return to his homeland. He decided not to return from emigration. He decided he would return only when his soldiers were allowed to come back to Poland," Polish History Museum director Robert Kostro said during the ceremony.

He added that Gen. Maczek was "a remarkable person, manager, commander". "An excellent leader on a battlefield. Someone who conceived armoured forces in Poland," Kostro said.

The director thanked Gen. Maczek's family for donating the uniform to the museum, and promised that it would become part of a permanent exhibition devoted to the Second World War.

General's granddaughter Karolina Maczek-Skillen reminded that this year marked 130 years since her granddad's birth. "This is a beautiful moment to donate the uniform to the Polish History Museum. Granpa never had a chance to return to Poland. The uniform returned alone, without the hero who had used to wear it. A British uniform with Polish insignia," said Maczek-Skillen, not hiding emotions.

She added that Polish soldiers had "never waited for other countries to liberate Poland". "Ma grandpa used to say: a Polish soldier fights for the freedom of all nations, but dies only for the Polish homeland," she said.

After long efforts, the Polish History Museum managed to add to its collection the uniform, as well as a beret and a belt that had once belonged to the commander of the 1st Armoured Division. General Maczek's uniform is a British Service Dress, which he used to wear both in the barracks and during ceremonies.

In October 2021, an official inauguration of General Maczek Memorial in Breda, Netherlands, co-created by the Polish History Museum.


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