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Health ministry: over 36,000 coronavirus infections, 1500 deaths

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Polish health service has undergone a real test during the pandemic
Polish health service has undergone a real test during the pandemicTVN24
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TVN24Polish health service has undergone a real test during the pandemic

Health Ministry confirmed on Monday 205 new coronavirus infection cases and the death of 4 people. In total, Poland has confirmed 36,155 SARS-CoV-2 infections so far, of which more than 1500 turned out fatal. On Sunday, 231 new infection were confirmed.

The Ministry of Health informed on Monday about 205 new coronavirus infections, most of them in the Silesian Voivodeship, where 49 cases were reported.

The remaining cases were reported in the following provinces: Masovia (39), Łódź (31), Lublin (26), Subcarpathian (13), Lesser Poland (12), Świętokrzyskie (10), Greater Poland (8), Lower Silesian (5), Podlaskie (4), Kuyavian-Pomeranian (3), Warmian-Masurian (2), Lubusz (1), Opolskie (1) and Pomeranian (1).

The number of reported infections was lower than on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when 259, 314 and 231 cases were reported respectively.

4 people died on Monday

Also on Monday the ministry informed about the death of four coronavirus-infected patients aged from 73 to 91. All four suffered from co-occurring conditions.

In total, as of Monday morning (July 6), 36,155 coronavirus infection cases have been confirmed, of which 1521 turned out fatal.

Quarantine and recovery

Earlier on Monday (July 6), the Ministry of Health issued a daily "coronavirus report", according to which:

- 1790 "COVID-19 beds" were taken (special hospital beds designated for coronavirus-infected patients)

- 76 patients were put on respirators

- 83,797 persons were placed in quarantine

- 12,118 persons were under epidemiological supervision

- 23,966 persons recovered after contracting coronavirus


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