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Government plans to vaccinate 60+ group by the end of April

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"We want to vaccinate people over 60 by the end of April" - Poland's prime minister's top aide Michał Dworczyk said on Tuesday. He also said when changes to the vaccination programme and decision as regards to restrictions would be announced.

"The second quarter marks a significant speedup which is a huge challenge and requires extra effort, not only on behalf of those responsible for planning and coordinating the programme, but especially on vaccination points, on all of us involved in this very important element of fight against COVID-19, that is vaccination.

He also said the government planned to accelerate vaccinations of people aged 60+, in order to have this group incoluated by the end of April.

"That's why we call upon vaccination points - which we have over 6,500 across the country - to reschedule patients over 60 from May to April" - he explained.

Dworczyk, who is also the chief coordinator of the vaccination programme, said over 2 million doses of vaccine would be distributed to vaccination points across the country. "This means one million this week, and one million next week".

He also informed that there were 900,000 available registration dates in April. "The government wants these dates to be used by people over 60 who didn't manage to get vaccinated before".

Furthermore, Dworczyk announced that over 300,000 single-shot vaccines by Johnson&Johnson should arrive in Poland between 16th and 18th of April.

He also informed that registration for people born in 1962 would be launched on April 12, and each following day registration for younger groups would follow.

The chief of PM's office also said all changes aimed at making the vaccine programme more efficient would be announced on Friday, April 9.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller, also present at the conference, said decision regarding extending or changing current restrictions would be announced on Thursday at the latest.


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