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Polish young activists join "Thousand Cities Protest" against climate change

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Young people fight for climate. Protests all over the world, including PolandTVN24 News in English
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On Friday, in over a hundred cities all over the world, including Poland, manifestations against climate change and governmental inaction took place. "Thousand Cities March", organised by the Youth Climate Strike, was joined by residents of many Polish cities, including Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw and Zakopane.


Polish activists have put forward 6 postulates to politicians and media. They demand from Polish government to announce ecological crisis, to implement up-to-date knowledge on this subject to Polish schools curricula, and summoning a special climate council.

In Warsaw, the "Thousand Cities March" began at 10 am at the Constitution Square from where the protesters walked to the Parade Square at the foot of the Palace of Culture and Science, where the Climate City opened at 2 pm.

"Against government's indifference"

Many protesters were holding banners saying for instance: "Save the Planet", "No time to regret money, while forests are burning" and "We won't give our future away".

"I'm here to protest against government's indifference to climate change. We want them to take real action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and intruduce policy that would curb using coal in Poland," said one of the protesters in Warsaw.

Apart from the capital city, 60 other Polish cities saw climate protests, including Poznań, Zakopane, Łódź, Lublin and Kraków.

In the heart of coal mining Silesia, Katowice, the protesters shouted: "Who's not jumping, wants the smog".

"Young people matter, they have a voice. We care about our future, especially now when we need to think ahead not one or two years, but rather ten or twenty. We must think in the long term," said march participant in Łódź.

"Thousand Cities Protest"

The timing of the protests wasn't a coincidence as it's related to the United Nations Climate Summit that begins on Monday in New York. Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg will hold a protest in front of the UN headquarters.

On Wednesday, the Swedish activist addressed the United States Congress and presented a report on climate change.

"I am submitting this report as my testimony, because I don't want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to the scientists. And I want you to unite behind the science. Then I want you to take real action," Thunberg addressed the politicians.

Climate change issues may be on the agenda of the meeting of EU transport ministers in Brussels, whereas in Monaco, the 51st Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will be held.

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