"I felt helpless". Tears of a young champion

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Iga Świątek says she hopes to meet Rafael Nadal one dayTVN24
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TVN24Iga Świątek says she hopes to meet Rafael Nadal one day

Iga Świątek shook the world again, but this time with her tears. Polish tennis prodigy started crying after losing a game in a match against Ana Konjuh in Miami. Now, the 19-year-old from Raszyn has issued a statement on social media.

The Polish player was favourite to win the 3rd round match against Croatian Ana Konjuh in the Florida tournament. Her opponent is currently ranked 338th in the WTA ranking.

Świątek - currently 16th on the world list - lost the first set 4:6, but won the second 6:2. In the last set, the Croatian took a 2:1 lead, and Iga Świątek first squatted at the court, and then sat on the bench and burst into tears. It's been a long time since we saw emotions running this high in tennis. The young champion could not focus and lost the third set 2:6.

Now, after a few days have passed, she has commented on the issue on social media.

"As usually it takes me some time but I would like to share some thoughts on my match with Ana Konjuh in Miami. I would like to let you in a little bit closer - show my perspective and the way I saw my singles 3rd round match. I also want to shed some light on how complex and challenging the process of learning how to be consistent is. Because it's not easy at all" - Iga Świątek wrote.

"I honestly think that I'm doing a decent job - and looking not at my ranking, but at my experience and development in previous years on tour - I am doing progress. After competing for 3 months on the highest level, basically without a break, it is hard sometimes to calm my nerves on court, because we're out of our comfort zone so often and I'm still adapting to this level of competition and pressure" - she added.

"Also the fact that at some point I felt helpless is not easy. That was a high level, challenging match. And all credit to Ana, because she played amazing match and she wrote beautiful story in Miami. That doesn't change the fact that I will do everything in my power to not feel this way next time. It means work, work, work. Because it takes time especially when everything happens so fast" - wrote the winner of last year's French Open.

"I look at my tennis work as a marathon, not just a quick sprint. It means I have many years of work to do and many opportunities to be better and better. And days like that - are the best lessons. So... till the next time. And thank you for your support. It means a lot" - Iga Świątek concluded.


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