Nearly 80 percent of all ventilators occupied. 16,965 cases on Monday

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Health Ministry on Monday informed about 16,965 new coronavirus cases and 48 deaths of COVID patients. Furthermore, over 79 percent of ventilators across Poland were occupied.

On Sunday Poland reported 29,253 infection cases, 31,757 on Saturday, and on Friday - 35,143 - which was the highest daily spike since the start of the pandemic in Poland.

Last Monday (March 22), 14,578 cases were reported.

Furthermore, the ministry of health informed about the death of 48 COVID patients.

Over 79 percent of all ventilators were in use across Poland.

According to "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna", the government prepares a legislation allowing employers to organise vaccinations for employees. The government's role would be then limited to delivering the appropriate number of doses.


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