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Expert witness says mayor Adamowicz's resuscitation was performed correctly

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Paweł Adamowicz was stabbed in the heart and through the diaphragm with a knife on January 13, 2019. He died the following day (video from February 15, 2019)
Paweł Adamowicz was stabbed in the heart and through the diaphragm with a knife on January 13, 2019. He died the following day (video from February 15, 2019)TVN24 News in English
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An expert witness has said the medical rescuers had correctly performed the resuscitation of Gdańsk mayor Paweł Adamowicz after he got stabbed in January - a prosecutor's office in Gdańsk informed on Monday. Potential mistakes in the said resuscitation had been raised by another expert witness.


Prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk from the District Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk informed on Monday about the contents of the opinion issued by the expert witness regarding the resuscitation of the late mayor Adamowicz.

Wawryniuk explained that the expert witness called up by the prosecutors has assessed that the resuscitation "was carried correctly, in line with the binding guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council". She added that the witness also found as right the decision to transport the wounded mayor to the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk. "The hospital located closer does not have cardiology and cardiothoracic wards," she explained.

The prosecutors informed about their plan to ask an expert witness for opinion on that matter in early March. The decision was made after another expert witness from Gdańsk had written a letter to the prosecutor's office.

The author of the letter wrote it by his own initiative "based on media reports". He questioned the correctness of action taken by the rescuers. In his view, the resuscitation was carried out incorrectly. The witness argued that shouldn't have carried out the action at the scene, and should have immediately taken the wounded to a hospital where he would have had greater chances to survive.

Local media informed in March that, according to the letter's author - a medical examiner with 30-years of experience in the field, "the lenghty resuscitation of the mayor of Gdańsk was a medical malpractice". "Resuscitation on the stage, which according to the expert took as much as 40 minutes, had caused irreversible results, such as hypovolemic shock which leads to brain death. Massage of a punctured heart pumped out blood from the patient's body," Radio Gdańsk reported and added that in the witness' opinion "haemorrhaging heart does not stop beating and thus the wounds should have been stitched up first".

On January 13, 2019, during the finale of the Great Orchetstra of Christmas Charity in Gdańsk, 27-year-old Stefan W. rushed onto the stage and stabbed mayor Paweł Adamowicz several times. At night, the victim underwent a 5-hour-long operation and died the following day. The autopsy showed three deep wounds - one next to the heart and two to the abdomen.

Stefan W. was detained immediately after the attack. He was charged with murder with intent deserving severe condemnation. For such crime he is facing from 12 to 25 years or life in prison. Stefan W. pleaded not guilty. By the order of the prosecutor's office, he was subjected to psychiatric observation. Its results are yet unknown.

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