The United States, Poland and the Three Seas Initiative


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The United States, Poland and the Three Seas Initiative, as Donald Trump’s visit to Poland concerns not only Polish matters but also creates an opportunity to speak to Europe and 12 country leaders. The initiative originating at the heart of Europe calls for better roads, railroads, trade and energy, and the American support makes it more powerful.

President Donald Trump’s visit falls on the 25th anniversary of President George H. W. Bush’s visit to Poland. Like 25 years ago, the U.S. President will stop by in Warsaw on his way to Germany but this time Poland will also be the place where the President will deliver his major speech. This will be his very first public statement made in Europe.

President Donald Trump’s participation in the Three Seas Initiative Summit that will be held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw this Thursday will be an equally important highlight of the President’s visit. Politicians representing 11 Central European countries participating in the initiative, i.e. the V4 countries, the three Baltic states, plus Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Austria, will come to Warsaw. President Donald Trump will be the guest of honour.

In his letter to the American leader, President Andrzej Duda, on whose initiative the meeting has been organised, thanked President Donald Trump for accepting the invitation: "I am deeply convinced that the meeting of leaders of states from this part of Europe, focused on tightening economic investment, business and infrastructural cooperation, will go down as a success, also thanks to your attendance thereof, Sir".

The Three Seas Initiative

The Three Seas Initiative is to focus particularly on tightening economic cooperation – as regards new roads, railroad and flight connections and improved trade relations. “Decisions that will be taken during the Three Seas Initiative Summit will in fact enable economy- and infrastructure-related relations among us to develop in the future and they will also help us to build energy security.” - said President Duda.

Shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the U.S. may become a crucial component of the energy security plan. “The Three Seas Initiative is therefore likely to succeed, and thus it should be supported, regardless of who is in power in Warsaw or other capital cities in the region, as it concerns economy, infrastructure and the long-term perspective of several decades.” - said Michał Kobosko, Head of Atlantic Council Poland.


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