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Contest to find name for Warsaw ZOO "bongoddess" is on

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Mała antylopa bongo kończy dwa tygodnie
Mała antylopa bongo kończy dwa tygodnieTVN24
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TVN24Mała antylopa bongo kończy dwa tygodnie

The Warsaw ZOO launched a contest to find name for a bongo antelope, temporarily referred to as "bongoddess". The name has to start with the letter "M". Four best names will be selected by the animal's caretakers. The final say will belong to the zoological garden's fans.

Participants have until the end of Wednesday, May 19, to submit their proposals in the comments section of the Facebook post about the contest.

"The caretakers of the ungulates section this week will select four best proposals, closest to their hearts. In the next stage, fans will again have a chance to decide which of the four names will make it to the final round of our contest" - Warsaw City Hall said.

The final vote will take place on Instagram and Facebook, and the name of the little bongo antelope will be announced on Mother's Day, May 26.

The "Bongoddess" was born on April 22 (on Earth Day) and immediately won the hearts of the Zoo employees, as well as fans and visitors.

In the beginning the little female was spending time only close to her mom, but she's doing better each day on the external enclosure where she joyfully capers. It's really worth seeing her go live right next to the giraffe section.

She is the first child of 7-year-old Chilli and 8-year-old Franek. Her loving mom has immediately taken care of her baby in an outstanding fashion. The baby spent its first days mainly asleep, but quickly after she became more active and interested in the surrounding world.

In total, six bongo antelopes live in Warsaw Zoo: Franek - the only male, and five females - Chilli, Walkiria, Maliki, Hela and the young "bongoddess".


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