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Government announces alternative vaccination forms schedule

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By the end of April, all people over 60 who are willing to, will get vaccinated, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press conference on Thursday. His top aide Michał Dworczyk announced a plan of alternative ways to get vaccinated.

The prime minister said that 9 million vaccine doses would arrive in Poland in May. "In April we have already confirmed around 5.5 million (doses), and we're still waiting for confirmation of another 1.5 million. So that would be 7 million doses in April alone.

He also informed that on Wednesday, the 7-millionth vaccine was administered. "By the end of April, all people over 60 who are willing to, will get vaccinated" - he added.

In Morawiecki's opinion, the vaccination process "work fine in Poland". "But we still want to make it even more accessible" - he said.

The head of the government informed that he would speak with EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen. "I will speak with her, with EU leadership, to make sure Poland receives as many vaccines as possible" - he said.

Prime minister's top aide Michał Dworczyk said the government's "ambitious goal" is make 20 million vaccinations by the end of the second quarter. "All willing people should receive at least one dose by the end of August" - he said.

"In order to achieve it, we introduce some changes in the second quarter. It's still crucial to vaccinate those who suffer COVID the worst, that is people over 60" - he explained.

"We kindly ask: please register, this is the only way to return to normalcy" - Dworczyk appealed.

"We hope that in April, or in May at the latest, we will end registration by birth years, and general vaccinations will be launched, available for everyone in various form" - he said.

Dworczyk also announced a draft schedule of new vaccination methods programme.

According to the schedule:

15 April: the first drive-thru station will be launched

20 April: the first General Vaccination Point will be opened

23 April: vaccinations will be administered by individual paramedics and nurses

May: vaccinations will be available in pharmacies

May/June: workplace vaccinations available for employees


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