Poles help a 99-year-old lady whose life-savings were stolen

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Ewa Bebek, 99-year-old resident of Bielsko-Biała, has been robbed from all her life-savingsTVN24 News in English
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The fate of a 99-year-old woman from Bielsko-Biała whose life-savings were stolen has moved many people. After her story was spread by the media, help from all over the country has been coming. "Lots of payments have been made" - said Ewelina Kliś from Serce dla Maluszka Foundation. The woman will receive support in material form, in order not to attract thieves.


The elderly lady was robbed last Friday (September 7). The spokesman for Bielsko police, Roman Szybiak, said on Wednesday that the perpetrators had ringed the doorbell. "They told the woman that they were employees of the housing community responsible for fixing pipes. The unsuspecting woman let them in. All three went to the bathroom, where the perpetrators distracted the woman by engaging her in conversation. At the same time, most likely, a third person searched the flat," he said.

The thieves took all her savings - 4.000 zlotys.

After the incident was shown in the media, Serce dla Maluszka Foundation decided to help the 99-year-old lady. An account was open in a shop so that the lady could buy herself basic products. Also her rent will be paid.

Ms Ewa Bebek is very grateful for help and was touched by the generosity. She said, however, that she didn't want money in fear of other potential thieves. That's why the foundation helps her by doing her shopping for her. "We plan to buy a hearing aid. A visit to a dentist is also necessary. We're also thinking about building an arbour in her garden. The previous one was destroyed. Ms Ewa is a keen gardener," Kliś said.

She added that a friendly married couple is also taking care of the lady.

Szybiak also stressed that this case should draw our attention to elderly or ill people living next to us. "Knock on their doors. Show ourselves so that they know who we are and could count on our help in such cases. Elderly people living alone are the most common victims of such robberies," he appealed.

The perpetrators were young people. The man looked about 30 years old, he was about 175 centimetres tall and had dark hair. The woman - between 20 and 30, 165 centimetres, slim body shape.

The police also call on anyone who may have information that could help in catching the perpetartors to come forward. The information can be called in at Bielsko-Biała police department at Składowa street 2, phone: (33) 825 01 00 or 825 01 03, at emergency line 112, or by email: kp1@bielsko.ka.policja.gov.pl.

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