Bartosz Bielenia shouts for Belarus in EU Parliament

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EBSBartosz Bielenia shouting in the EU Parliament

Polish actor Bartosz Bielenia, who played the lead role in Jan Komasa's "Corpus Christi" - movie nominated for EU Parliament Lux Award, shouted three times in the plenary room to show solidarity with the Belarusian opposition movement. He also spoke about political prisoners of the Lukashenko regime.

Bielenia let out the shouts on Wednesday during the LUX Audience Award Ceremony 2021 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

"A shout, then another even-louder, and the third almost desperate one resonated at the ceremony" - Ansa press agency reported, and other Italian outlets followed suit.

Ansa quoted Bielenia as saying: "I'm from Poland, and Poland is the border of European Union with Belarus. Just behind that border 30,500 people are being tortured, 476 are in prison for their political engagement, and 30 people were murdered. All data comes only from 2020".

The actor said the only thing he could do to help was to give his voice in solidarity with Belarusian activist Jana Shostak, who everyday at 6 p.m. shouts in front of the EU representative office in Warsaw.

He also quoted Jana Shostak's words that silence over Belarus had lasted 27 years too long. He explained that it was a shout for all the tortured, and for every raped woman. "Long live Belarus" - Bielenia said receiving applause.

The documentary Collective (Colectiv) won the LUX Audience Award, which is chosen by MEPs and member of the public.

"Collective" competed alongside the Polish religious drama Corpus Christi ("Boże Ciało"), by Jan Komasa, which was ranked second, and the Oscar-winning Danish film Another Round ("Druk"), by Thomas Vinterberg, which came third.


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