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Christmas on Polish roads: 20 dead, 233 injured

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More accidents, more drunk drivers. Police announced statistics from Christmas holidaysSilesian Police
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On Christmas Eve and the two following Christmas Days, 187 accidents took place on Polish roads, which took the lives of 20 people - according to the statistics announced by the General Police Headquarters. In total, 233 people got injured and 506 drunk drivers were detained.

A nationwide police operation named "Safe weekend - Christmas time" has been under way since Tuesday (December 24). The large-scale mission is to be carried out until 10pm on Sunday (December 29). On each of the six days an average of roughly 5.000 road police officers will have been dispatched to look after traffic.

The officers can be seen mainly around the most dangerous spots, as well as on entry and exit routes around the biggest cities.

"What we're most concerned with are the results of alcohol content tests on drivers," said Deputy Inspector Robert Kobryś from the Traffic Department of the General Police Headquarters.

He added that during last year's Christmas period, on average, 8 people died and over 90 got injured every day.

During the corresponding 6-day period in 2018, 46 people died and 559 got injured in 457 accidents.

The police also detained 1275 drunk drivers.

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