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Episcopate calls for humanitarian aid for migrants

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TVN24Children of migrants sent back to the border with Belarus

In an appeal for humanitarian help for migrants, the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gądecki, wrote that it "should become a priority of action for both state and non-governmental institutions". He also stressed that "one cannot stigmatize newcomers by making harmful generalizations".

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki wrote in an appeal for humanitarian aid for migrants and refugees that "the Catholic Church in Poland declares its readiness to join in the search for the best solutions, which—within the framework of the legal order—will serve the common good widely understood".

"Sensitivity to the fate of people arriving in our country, along with medical and humanitarian assistance to migrants, should become a priority of action for both state and non-governmental institutions, including churches and religious communities," the archbishop underscored, adding that humanitarian sensitivity is a manifestation of our humanity.

Furthermore he wrote that "while the authorities have the duty of detecting potential threats from people crossing the country’s borders, one cannot stigmatize newcomers by making harmful generalizations that make every refugee a potential terrorist".

"I express my gratitude to Caritas Poland, the state services, the Border Guard, the Polish Army, local communities, non-governmental organizations, and individuals who—to the best of their abilities and strength—are helping people in need," Gądecki wrote.

Archbishop Stanisław GądeckiTomasz Wojtasik/PAP

Archbishop Gądecki on humanitarian corridors

Archbishop Gądecki appealed "for consent to launch humanitarian corridors, which Caritas Poland has declared its readiness to coordinate since 2016".

"This mechanism, which has already been tested in other countries, makes it possible to provide concrete help to the neediest victims of wars and persecutions in a safe and fully controlled way," he explained.

He added that "the solution of fully controlled relocation of refugees, based on their independent decision in choosing their country of destination, is a safe form of bringing rescue to our sisters and brothers".

"Precisely controlled migration processes give a sense of security, in contrast with chaotic migration, at the hands of gangs of smugglers, who inhumanly delude people promising to get them to the dream paradise in Europe," The President of the Episcopate wrote.

Finally the archbishop appealed "to all people of good will to treat service and assistance to foreigners coming to Poland as an opportunity to practice the love of neighbor, which is the cornerstone of our faith. Each of us can and should become a promoter of interpersonal solidarity in his or her environment".

"I, therefore, ask everyone to pray for refugees and migrants, but also for ourselves, so that we may know how to respond wisely, in a spirit of Christian brotherhood, to this increasingly demanding challenge," he stressed.


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