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Counting bisons. There are nearly 50 more than in 2019

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A group of 7 bisons moved away from the main herdMarcin Siekierko
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Marcin SiekierkoA group of 7 bisons moved away from the main herd

Precisely 2,316. This is the official population of bisons living in Poland as of the end of 2020. The data shows there's more free-living specimens, and less live in farms. Interesting fact is the leader of the "classification", the Białowieża Forest, has only 8 bisons more than, second on the list, mountain region of Bieszczady.

The Białowieża National Park has published the results of a yearly bison count. As of December 31, 2020, a total of 2,316 bisons live in Poland, including 2,115 free-living specimen and 201 living in farms.

Bisons photographed by one of our viewersKrzysztof Podgórzak/Kontakt24

There are 47 specimen more than in 2019, when the total stood at 2,269. At the time, there were 2,048 free-living, and 221 farm-bred bisons.

"Each year we have more and more free-roaming bisons, and a lower number of farmed animals. There are also more places where bisons can enjoy their freedom. Two new locations with free-roaming herds will be added in 2021: in the Janów Forests Landscape Park and the Romincka Forest" - we read at the Białowieża National Park Facebook page.

The biggest populations of bisons in Poland were recorded in: Białowieża Forest (715), Bieszczady (707), western Poland (334), Knyszyn Forest (214), Borecka Forest (128), and in Augustów Primeval Forest (17).


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