Giuliani: Trump addressed all  the topics he wanted to address


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What surprised and delighted me in the Donald Trump's speech is that he declared himself on the side of Western civilization in such strong terms, something we very much need, said Rudy Giuliani in his comments on the U.S. President's Warsaw speech. According to the former Mayor of New York, Trump addressed “all the topics he wanted to address.”

“Warsaw is the ideal place to affirm that everybody should make the same contribution to NATO,” said Giuliani, who is a guest at the Global Forum 2017.

Giuliani said he was one of those in the President's entourage who thought it was a good idea for Trump to visit Poland before the G20 summit in Hamburg.

In his speech, Donald Trump devoted much space to Poland's history. According to Giuliani, without these references in his speech, Trump would have been criticized for “having come to Poland only to exploit it.”

Giuliani argued that the President's speech demonstrated his special relation to Poles. The former Mayor of New York explained that this was evident already during the presidential campaign.


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