Hunter Biden w rozmowie z Piotrem Kraśką

Hunter Biden. Exclusive interview with Piotr Kraśko

One of the things that is most important in recovery is breaking that cycle of shame that you feel and that feeling of loneliness, a feeling as if you are the only one that's gone through is. When the fact of the matter is that so many have it, it's just that we don't talk about it - says Hunter Biden about his fight against addiction in his conversation with Piotr Kraśko. - For me to talk about it, took even a larger way because of who my dad is - he adds.


Hunter Biden is a lawyer, entrepreneur, son of the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. He has worked in corporations and non-profit organisations. In his interview with Piotr Kraśko he also talks about the moment when he learnt about his father's victory in presidential election and reveals how he predicted brexit. Biden also talks about his great passion for Poland and the tragic history of his family. The son of the US president also provides an intimate portrait of his father.


Hunter Biden's biography "Beautiful Things" will be published in Poland on May 19th by Wydawnictwo Agora. The author names it a "love letter", addressed to his family. - The book ends with the most significant win, my recovery - says Biden.


Watch the interview in Polish.

Długość: 21 min