Whirlwind injures six people. Damaged houses in northern Poland

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Whirlwind in Ustronie Morskie caught on cameraKontakt24
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Kontakt24Whirlwind in Ustronie Morskie caught on camera

Six people, including one child, have been injured after a whirlwind passed through a seaside town of Ustronie Morskie - the spokesperson for Fire Service voivodeship commander in Szczecin, Tomasz Kubiak said. Furthermore, the whirlwind damaged eight summer houses.

According to Kubiak, the whirlwind destroyed eight summer houses in Ustronie Morskie (West Pomerania), and injured six people, including one child.

Earlier on there were reports about two injured people who got pinned down by the parts of the damaged houses.

Firefighters were notified about the incident at 6:15 pm.

Fire service in West Pomeranian province have received dozens of calls to help with fallen trees and other weather-related incidents.

A whirlwind ravaged the town of Ustronie Morskie, north PolandPrzez Ustronie Morskie przeszła trąba powietrzna Kontakt24


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