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U.S. deputy secretary of state: we will firmly support Baltic Pipe project

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We will surely support Baltic Pipe - U.S. deputy secretary of state
Twitter/@USEmbassyWarsawDeputy U.S. Secretary of State John P. Sullivan with Secretary of State – Chief of the Cabinet of the President Krzysztof Szczerski

We will support this alternative for Poland with utmost certainty, the Deputy U.S. Secretary of State John Sullivan said on Wednesday in Warsaw, referring to the Baltic Pipe pipeline project co-created by Poland.

During the Wednesday's meeting with a group of Polish journalists, Sullivan was asked about possible consequences of USA's critical stance on Nord Stream 2 pipeline and, in this context, about a possibility of supporting the Baltic Pipe project that is underway with Poland's participation.

With utmost certainty, we will support this alternative for Poland," U.S. diplomat replied and added that this was one of the chief topics of his visit in Warsaw.

Referring to the Nord Stream 2, Sullivan stressed, in turn, that President Donald Trump's and U.S. government's objections regarding this project "are no secret".

"We have made our standpoint clear to our allies in NATO and European partners. We think that it's a very bad idea, both in terms of security issues and energy diversification," said the diplomat.

The deputy secretary of state emphasised at the same time, that although further actions by the USA in that regard are still unknown, their European partners "know very well what instruments are at the United States' disposal, that may be used to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline".

"I'm in no position today to announce anything in that regard on behalf of the U.S. government; I can only repeat the firm and consistent standpoint that the Nord Stream 2 is a very bad project for Europe," said Sullivan.

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