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Warsaw to set up a network of air quality sensors

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Report: air pollution a likely cause of increased mortality in Poland TVN24 International
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TVN24 InternationalReport: air pollution a likely cause of increased mortality in Poland

Warsaw City Hall has announced it would install 165 sensors to monitor air quality in the city and the outskirts. A tender has just been opened for the delivery of the devices and software. Experts from the Warsaw University of Technology have selected locations where the sensors will be set up.

The city hall announced the tender on Tuesday before noon. Ultimately, the air quality monitoring network is to span across the whole Warsaw metropolitan area. It will allow to precisely track where the pollution originated from and follow its movements. In total, 165 sensors have been ordered, of which 108 will be located in Warsaw. The remaining 57 will be set up in 17 neighbouring municipalities. Additionally, the contract will include an option of extending the order by further 100 devices.

The sensors will monitor the levels of particulate matters PM10, PM2,5, PM1, as well as nitrogen dioxide in the air. Also, 13 of them will be able to measure ozone level. "Locations for the sensors have been selected by Warsaw University of Technology experts - so that the results could be represent each district. Part of the devices will be set up on schools, public service buildings, and near busy streets and intersections" - the city hall informed in a statement.

The city officials explained earlier on the system would inform about current air quality based on read-outs from the sensors. The network will cost around 4-5 million zlotys and will be partially financed by the EU.

"A dense network of sensors will complete our complex system of monitoring and will provide the residents with reliable information about air quality. Good health of all Warsaw residents is our priority" - Justyna Glusman, the Head Coordinator for Sustainable Development and Greenery was quoted as saying.

Warsaw City Hall says its goal is to keep people informed about the quality of the air. That's why the new stations in Kamionek and Śródmieście measure air pollution next to major traffic routes. The results are available at Warsaw platform IoT.

Air pollution reference station at Grochowska street in WarsawWarsaw City Hall


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