In vitro procedure free of charge. Warsaw opens Women's Health Institute

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Trzaskowski: pomagamy kobietom
Trzaskowski: pomagamy kobietomTVN24
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TVN24Trzaskowski: we are helping women

"This place is absolutely exceptional because here we will take care of women's needs in a comprehensive way. Warsaw has never had such an establishment before," Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski said on Friday during the opening of Warsaw Women's Health Institute. The new medical facility, located at Inflancka Street, will provide a comprehensive in vitro fertilization procedure to all women.

The hospital will offer medical care in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, including gynecologic oncology, geriatric gynecology, pregancy pathologies, fetal diagnosis and therapy, neonatology, and infertility treatment. Furtthemore, patients will be able to receive psychological and psychiatric support.

The Women's Health Institute was officially opened on Friday. During the ceremony, Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski thanked all those thanks to whom the facility can function, including medical and non-medical staff, as well as the hospital director Dorota Gałczyńska-Zych.

"This place is absolutely incredible because here we will take care of women's needs in a comprehensive way. Warsaw has never had such an establishment before," the mayor said.

He explained the Institute would be taking care of patients from the very decision to have a baby, during birth, up to caring for the newborn. "This place will be exceptional also because we will be able to provide diagnostics to all women: from girls to seniors," Trzaskowski added. He also stressed the facility would have its own laboratory at disposal, which would be used in the in vitro fertilisation among other things.

The opening ceremony of Warsaw Women's Health InstituteTVN24

"More than a year of very hard work"

Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska said the decision to create the hospital had been made in 2022. "This was more than a year of very hard work and huge determination to make that happen," she added. "I remeber our first, very difficult discussions. I promised there would come a day when we would be able to open Warsaw Women's Health Institute and that day came on May 26," Kaznowska said.

The deputy mayor also said she was certain the facility would thrive thanks to the people who worked there. "We already have further plans," she added.

Warsaw City Council Chairperson Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska said the very concept of an establishment where patients would have access to all doctors was exceptional. "Keeping everything in one team of people taking care of one patient seems to me as something that cannot be overstated. This is Warsaw's first step in that direction, but not the last," she assured.

The opening ceremony of Warsaw Women's Health InstituteTVN24

First such hospital in Poland

The hospital is the first facility in Poland that will provide comprehensive and completely free of charge in vitro procedure. The Institute will offer support in treating infertility to women living in Warsaw. Starting from the first doctor's appointment, the procedure will include full diagnostics and treatment, all tests necessary for in vitro fertilization, pregnancy control, antenatal classes, childbirth - including Caesarian section - and, if the need be, psychogical support and care for the newborn.

Patients will be able to use the hospital's services free of charge. "All necessary tests for the in vitro procedure, pregnancy control, antenatal classes, happy delivery, and psychological support which is crucial because it's important to support young mothers," mayor Trzaskowski added.


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