Attorney Roman Giertych officially charged by the prosecutor

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Attorney Roman Giertych was taken to a hospital after he had fainted during the search of his homeTVN24
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TVN24Attorney Roman Giertych was taken to a hospital after he had fainted during the search of his home

Attorney Roman Giertych, businessman Ryszard K., and other people have been charged of misappropriating and siphoning off about 92 million zlotys from a real estate developing company between 2010-2014 - said a prosecutor's office in Poznań. Giertych has been detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) on Thursday. During the search of his home, the attorney fainted and was taken to a hospital.

The prosecutor's office informed that apart from Ryszard K. and Roman Giertych also several other people have been charged, including Giertych's close associates Sebastian J. and Piotr Ś., as well as former board members of two companies involved in the case - Polnord SA and Prokom Investments.

The charges include misappropriation of Polnord company's funds, causing the company to incur significant losses, as well as money laundering. These offenses carry a sentence of up 10 ten years in prison.

The prosecutor's office also said the investigation into this case had been launched on February 28, 2017, after Polnord company current board's notification. The inquiry focused on suspicion of criminal conduct based on purchasing worthless liabilities of Prokom Investments by Polnord for nearly 73 million zlotys.

On Thursday, during the search of his home, Roman Giertych fainted and was taken to a hospital. On Friday, after a medical opinion allowed for him to be questioned by the prosecutor, Giertych has been officially charged.

Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights Hanna Machińska spoke to attorney Giertych on Friday at the hospital. She told TVN24 that "Giertych said he found himself with one of the (CBA) agents in the bathroom at home and I quote: 'he did something, I fainted and I don't know what happened next'".

Also on Friday, attorney Jacek Dubois told portal that the doctors had decided Giertych should remain at the hospital until next week. "I know that contact with him is difficult" - he added.


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