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Poland and U.S. sign declaration increasing number of American troops in Poland

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Poland and the United States have agreed the locations for additional US troops in Poland - according to the declaration signed by the presidents of both countries. Among the locations there are Wrocław, Łask and Lubliniec. Discussion regarding the stationing of an armoured division is ongoing.


The declaration signed in New York on Monday by Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda regarding tightening of defense cooperation is an amendment to the defense cooperation agreement signed in June this year, which reaffirmed the presence of 4.500 U.S. Army personnel in Poland, and announced locating of another 1.000 people.

The United States and Poland have agreed the location for the planned extended U.S. military presence.

Drawsko Pomorskie has been designated for the headquarters of the Centre for Military Training that would be used by military forces of both countries. Wrocław-Strachowice has been picked as the seat of a loading-unloading air base. The squadron of U.S. Air Force remote-controlled aircraft will be located in Łask.

Powidz will host the headquarters of the Air Brigade of the Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, as well as a facility for special forces. Another special forces seat will be located in Lubliniec, whereas the headquarters of the Mission Command Element and the support group for the Army Ground Forces, in Poznań.

Furthermore, according to the declaration, the United States and Poland are engaged in a dialogue regarding the best possible location for an armoured division in Poland. Moreover, the USA and Poland are optimistic about agreeing the location of the said brigade, the declaration reads.

It was also underscored that both countries were continuing strenghtening of strategic and defense relations which would improve mutual security, as well as the security of the North Atlantic Treaty.

The declaration also confirms the will to secure international agreements and accords necessary to deliver the extended cooperation in the fields of infrastructure and defense, including improved functioning of US Armed Forces in Poland.

The United States will likely move some troops to Poland from elsewhere in Europe, U.S. President Donald Trump said.

Trump also said Poland would build facilities to house U.S. troops under a declaration signed by American and Polish officials on Monday.

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