Mosbacher: impartial courts, independent media, and equal rights are the foundations of democracy

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The United States Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher on Tuesday wrote on Twitter that "societies are more prosperous when all people have equal opportunity to participate in political and civic life". This way she reminded that on September 15 the world celebrates the International Day of Democracy.

"Happy International #DayofDemocracy! Societies are more prosperous when all people have equal opportunity to participate in political and civic life. Freedom of expression, impartial courts, independent media, and equal rights for every citizen are the foundations of Democracy" - Mosbacher wrote on Twitter.

The International Democracy Day is celebrated annually on September 15. It was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 8, 2007.

"Semi-consolidated democracy"

Each year, an American independent watchdog Freedom House produces research and reports regarding democracy, political rights and civil liberty.

In the latest report, Poland has been classified as a "semi-consolidated democracy". It has received 65 points, which is 2 points less than in 2019.

"The quality of democratic governance in Poland continued to deteriorate in 2019, marking the fourth consecutive year of decline in the country and its lowest score in Nations in Transit. The most negatively affected areas were the judiciary, local democratic governance, and the pluralism of civil society" - wrote the authors of the report.

The report also points out that the "Civil Society rating declined from 5.75 to 5.50 due to attacks on the LGBT+ community and the increased prevalence of extremist and illiberal discourse".

Democracy level in Central and Eastern EuropeFreedom House

Poland hits record low

Poland has also dropped three places in the "World Press Freedom Index 2020" compiled by the Reporters Without Borders organisation.

The 62nd place is the lowest spot which Poland has ever taken in this ranking. In its debut year - 2002 - Poland started at 29th place. It reached the highest place so far - 18th - in 2015, only to drop to 47th the following year. Poland's decline has continued ever since with 54th place in 2017, 58th in 2018, and 59th in 2019.

In the latest index, only two countries from Poland's region have been ranked lower: Hungary (89th place) and Ukraine (96th place).


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