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The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs opts for a new mission motto

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Twitter / MSZWaszczykowski with Rex Tillerson in Washington (April 2017)

According to an announcement made on Wednesday by the press service of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its new mission motto – “To be faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland” – comes from an oath taken by soldiers of the Home Army. The new motto replaced the previous mission motto which read: “To serve Poland – to build Europe – to understand the world”.

As emphasized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this particular phrase from the oath of Home Army soldiers, signed on 12 December 1942 by General Stefan Rowecki, AKA Grot, was adopted by the Polish foreign service “in reply to the challenges it faces”.

It was also remarked that the words would represent a “commitment for Polish 21st century diplomats”.

Mission statement change follows parliamentary act

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the change of its mission motto follows the adoption by the Polish Sejm on 20 May 2016 of the Resolution on the protection of sovereignty of the Republic of Poland and of its citizens’ rights.

Referring to, among other things, the action taken by European institutions in the wake of the amendment of legislation on the Polish Constitutional Court and to Poland’s refusal to take part in the relocation of refugees, the Sejm urged the government to “resist any acts against the sovereignty of the state”. It also declared that it is “the obligation of the government to safeguard national interests and the constitutional order of the Republic of Poland”.

“Citizens’ rights and freedoms are not under threat in Poland,” reads the resolution.

The draft was adopted by the Sejm with votes in favor cast by Law and Justice and Kukiz’15, without the participation of the Civic Platform, Modern or the Polish People’s Party.


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