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Rapper Taco Hemingway has become the first Polish artist to reach a billion streams on Spotify. Two of his tracks have been already played over 30 million times each. The most popular song is Taco's collaboration with another rap artist Quebonafide.

According to, which has counted streams of all songs featuring Taco Hemingway on Spotify, the number stood at 1,029,831,740 on Wednesday morning.

Spotify said 1,173,275 people listened to Taco Hemingway's songs within the last month.

Taco's most popular song with 33,437,040 streams is "Tamagotchi" recorded in collaboration with rapper Quebonafide, followed by "W piątki leżę w wannie" with Dawid Podsiadło (30 389 700) and "Chłopaki nie płaczą" with Bedoes and Kubi Producent (29 758 636).

Drake is the worldwide leader of the most listened to artists on Spotify with over 37 billion streams. Ed Sheeran is right behind with over 28 billion, and Ariana Grande with over 24 billion.

Most popular Polish songs on Spotify:

- "Język ciała" Tymek and Big Scythe (41 601 456 streams)

- "Cool me down" Margaret (41 358 761)

- "Rainman" Tymek, Tede, Trill Pem (35 844 460)

- "Małomiasteczkowy" Dawid Podsiadło (35 829 528)

Taco Hemingway, or Filip Szczęśniak, launched his music career in 2011. He rose to prominence after releasing two minialbums "Trójkąt Warszawski" and "Umowa o dzieło".

The album "Soma 0,5 mg" recorded with Quebonafide sold over 150,000 copies. His other albums, including "Szprycer", "Marmur" or "Pocztówka z WWA, lato 19", were also very successful releases.

Taco Hemingway is four-time laureate of the Fryderyk award.


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